As The Dust Settles…

Moving and making major life changes shakes things up a bit.  And now as the dust settles, I can see that I have become a little sloppy…  The laundry gets done, but not always put away.  I am staying up later and sleeping in.  Spending more time trying to “capture all the precious moments” with my camera rather than living in the moment.  And social media is becoming more entertaining than doing what needs to be done.  Isn’t that the way that it always is, though?

So many goals, dreams, and aspirations!

Part of me says that I am being lazy, but the more forgiving side of myself knows that I am adjusting and settling in.  And now that I am more settled I want to dust off some of those bad habits.  Overall, everything is going so well and I have a lot to look forward to.  I know that I will feel a lot better about myself if I take some time to clean and organize my life.

I want to do it all at once, but must take things a step at a time 🙂


Having less makes it a lot easier to clean.  I also decided to take a little insta break and it has helped me to be more in the present moment.  I will spend this weekend getting organized and creating and clean and comfortable space that inspires me to be creative.  I spend too much time dwelling on the past or feeling a sense of fomo –thinking through how things could have been if they were different, but does that ever help anyone?  As the dust settles, I want to clean up the grime and excess that subtracts from my life and I want what remains to be beautiful.

Featured Image -- 20937
Let’s create something beautiful ❤





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