My June to June Adventures

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Last June we took 2 cars, 2 cats, and my sister and went on an epic roadtrip adventure from Washington State down to Jacksonville, Florida.  After 2 days we decided that city was not for us so we drove North until we got to Portland, Maine.

I enjoyed my summer in Maine working at the cryospa and exploring this beautiful New England town, but September hit and it felt like it was time to settle down.  So we took our 2 cats and 2 cars and drove 6 hours north to a beautiful little town in Northern Maine where we bought a gorgeous “dollhouse” in cash.

At the end of September, I decided to fly all the way back to Washington for a quarter of classes on campus.  It felt like I was revisiting my past because I stayed at the same place that I had lived 4 years ago…  It was hard to be apart from my partner, but I focused on myself, my health, and excelling at school.

I got really sick towards the end of the quarter in November and had to have surgery.  Somehow I managed to attend a Commit dance workshop and get my instructor license.  At one point, it felt like my life was completely unraveling…  I thankfully earned all of my credits and had a successful quarter academically.  I had also lost a lot of weight, but it was a very stressful time.  I got through it with some help from my friends.

In January it was time for a change.  I did not feel ready to return to snowy Maine so we looked for a sunnier place and spent the next 5 months in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I used this time to break myself down by working out hard and build myself back up with hard work and discipline.  I got some great results and could feel my confidence growing, but I also felt burnt out.

On the first of May I headed back to my hometown for some much needed catch up time with family and friends.  I got to open water swim to my hearts content and enjoy the best season of the year in my hometown.

At the end of May, I flew out to my new home and am loving it here.  It is a place that I dreamed of taking a vacation to for a week or two back in March and now it feels unreal that I live here.

This week I got the message loud and clear that I NEED TO SLOW DOWN!

Moving and living an adventurous life is exciting, but it also carries some hidden stress with it.  I love to keep going, but getting sick is the force that forces me to slow down.  I was very stressed these past two weeks and sadly much of my stress was in my head and unnecessary.  Catching a cold got me off of my feet and gave me the space and time that I probably have been needing for awhile to slow down, rest, and recover.

Do you notice a pattern here?  The last time that I got sick was in November when I was super stressed and I have been relatively healthy since then.  Then I let my stress get the best of me again and I got sick again so I think it is time for me to work on coping with stress more effectively.

Thankfully, I get sick way less frequently and that is progress especially compared to 2017 when I was constantly sick and / or injured.  Baby steps, right?

❤ Alana


8 thoughts on “My June to June Adventures

  1. You are an absolute legend you! You’re always smiling…and always making me smile!

    P.s. wow to your mobility on the bridge pic too!

    Keep doing you fam


    1. Thank you so much, Lee! I have been so busy with work these past few weeks. I think this is a good week for me to pick up the workouts again.
      I hope you are enjoying your summer adventures!

      ❤ Alana

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