Happy Birthday Alley Alleyjandra!!!

Happy Birthday Alley-Alleyjandra! Thank you for sticking with me and always being in my corner these past 4 years. I love you girlie and am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Living Out Loud

2 summers ago I got some sad news, but that very day my boyfriend and I went to find our black kitty cat, Oscar, a friend.  He had the entire house to himself and looked like he needed a good playmate.

20160910_215743Oscar was the boss of the house.

For as long as I could remember, I have always had my heart set on getting a long-haired cat and a calico cat.  Oh yes, I also wanted a girl.  When we arrived at the pet shop they had just gotten a shipment of kittens from the local shelter less than an hour ago.  My bf saw a beautiful grey striped kitty, but she was already in the arms of her future owner.  We looked at all her brothers and sisters, but we didn’t notice Alleyjandra for while.  She was so tiny and sickly and we think that she must have been…

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