Let’s Just Be Honest…

When I was 10, I was borderline diabetic and was in a pilot program at Group Health for children of diabetics. I went in for weekly blood tests for an entire year. At this time, I was also a swimmer so that helped me lose weight, but I was very self conscious.

Soon I stopped eating and became anorexic.  I obsessed about my weight and weight myself every single time that I went to the bathroom.   I simply would eat as little as possible.  I was anorexic probably until I could drive at the age of 16. Once I started eating more “normally” I was super active working 4 jobs and busy all the time so the weight did not really catch up with me.

When I was 19 I got myself into an awful abusive relationship and food became my comfort and my drug. I gained a ton of weight and have battled it for the past decade. This has felt like a deep dark secret that has been very isolating.

A few minutes ago I threw out my pasta, breads, honey, jams, cream, coffee (yes coffee) and sugars. I am ready to clean up my act. Here’s to turning over some new leaves.

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