I Feel Like A Mess

Is it bad to admit that I feel like a mess? It honestly feels cathartic to admit that I feel like a mess. Feeling like a mess does not mean that you are a mess because feelings change. The pieces of my life are fitting together beautifully and I still like I have so much […]

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Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you for being my Mom.  I always looked up to you and saw you as a beautiful, smart, and strong woman.  I know that we do not always see eye to eye, but I am glad that we can look past our differences and  see what matters. Thank you for your […]

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Let Go & Level Up

I have recently learned two things about myself.  The first is that I am very stubborn.  And the second is that it is hard for me to let things go.  In the right circumstances, these are potentially good qualities, but lately they have been keeping me from growing into the best version of myself. 8 […]

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When You Love Someone, You Don’t Treat Them Like A Punching Bag — Thought Catalog

When you love someone, you don’t treat strangers better than them. You don’t save the worst sides of yourself for private because you feel like your person isn’t going to leave you, no matter what tone you use with them, no matter how nasty you get, no matter how much pain you put them through.… via […]

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More Than A Feeling

I have a great feeling about today and this week!  Maybe it is the coffee, but I believe that it is more than a feeling. I felt groggy when I woke up this morning, but once the coffee started to kick in I turned on some upbeat music and got to work.  Now I have […]

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Gypsy Living

I just realized that I have been quite the gypsy this past year.  Last May we sold our 1st house (that we lived in for 3 years) and our lives have been an ongoing adventure since then.  Back then I was nervous about it.  Would it be a big mistake?  Our friends and family told […]

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