Dreams Do Come True –June 2019 Review

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

On July 1st, I was sure that I had at least one more day of June.  I think my phrase of the month was “Ready or not, it’s happening!”  After nearly a week of Air Bnb-ing, I got to move in to my new home on the last day of May.  This place is magical and I feel so blessed everyday that I wake up.  It was bold to buy a house online and part of me worried that maybe the reality would not match the pics and the videos, but it has turned out to be better than I could have ever imagined.

This morning I was just thinking about one of my favorite summers 5 years ago.  My friend Christina had invited me to join her and her friends on an impromptu weekend adventure at her parent’s beach house (a short drive to the beach).  I had such a wonderful time and dreamed of the day that I could have my own beach house.  Little did I know that  5 years later this dream would come true!

That was also the year that I was car-less for over 6 months and had to muffle out my fellow sketchy passengers on the bus with my headphones and some Erykah Badu.  I wished for a bicycle and got a car!  Fast forward 5 years later and that lovely car is sold and this month I bought a new vehicle that is the perfect beach cruiser!  See?  Dreams really do come true so I recommend dreaming BOLDY and FearLESSly!

Now let’s go through the month of June Week by week!

Week #1 Honey I’m Home!

I can barely even articulate just how happy I am to be here.  I have been sleeping well at night and dreaming vivid dreams.

Week #2 So much to do!

Not having a car gave me a chance to get settled in and to appreciate my surroundings.  I went on multiple walks this week and was so excited when my push lawnmower and hammock arrived on the same day!

I stayed up late and woke up early everyday and started to feel the stress of finals.  I was also sad about the fact that I would not be at my graduation ceremony that Friday.  These past 4 years have been full of adventures and so many lessons.  I was looking forward to the memory of matriculating, but I made peace with it.  Besides, I still have to finish my internship this summer before I can truly be graduated.  My boyfriend surprised me on the morning of graduation and we adopted 2 kittens!

Week #3 Let’s go hard then hit pause for awhile…


Initially, I guess the plan was to adopt a total of 5 kittens and 1 cat, but I am glad that we ended up getting just these 2.  While we do have an acre and 2 homes, that is still a lot of cats not to mention I still have my 2 babies, Alleyjandra and Carl who will be coming home soon.

This was the week that we started cleaning up the back house.  It was a lot of work and there is still a lot left to do, but we got a good start on it.  I felt completely worn out after moving and cleaning all day.  By the next morning I was completely sick, but Monday was the worst of it.  It brought me back to the month of November which was the last time I was sick.  I guess I needed to slow down, relax, and recover.  So that is exactly what I did and it was so nice to have the company of 2 cuddly kittens!

Week #4 Rested up and ready for more

I was out of commission for what felt like an entire week.  I just had to sleep a lot and had a serious craving for wanton soup.  Thankfully there is a place near by that makes a delicious wanton!

I finally started spending time outdoors and really got into gardening.  Sadly, I got sunburned and severely bitten by mosquitoes and when I say severe, I’m talking, at least 39 bites in my left cheek and 34 in my right. TMI much?!  Long story short, I had to take a few days off, but today I will a naturally derived insect repellent and some citronella candles and hopefully those will do the trick!

The fancy shmancy 3D printer arrived this week and we are back on building domes!  I have a great feeling about this new design!  It really was an exciting final week of June.  The kittens have doubled in size and confidence and I got to swim in the bay and go snorkeling for the first time!

This past Sunday, I got to go to the Farmer’s Market right by our house and it was wonderful even though there was pouring down rain.  After walking through the market at least 3 times and choosing some mangoes and avocados I chose Thai food and got the most delicious tofu pad thai packed with fresh veggies I have ever tasted!  I think I want to make Sunday Farmer’s Market a regular thing!

Overall, June was a great month full of adventures, self reflection, and new experiences.  I feel blessed to be where I am right now.  I needed to press pause for awhile to put things in perspective and get some closure and peace in my heart, and now I am looking forward to the future!

How was your June and what are you looking forward to in July?  Please comment below to share!  I would love to chat!

❤ Alana

7 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True –June 2019 Review

  1. Alana –
    Congrats on the house and car! And the photos are great – but sorry about the mosquito bites! That is a lot – and yikes

      1. Yes, I still got bit. I think it is because we live in a more rural area with lots of chickens, pigs, and goats. I will find ways to adjust to this new and exciting environment. It has always been my dream to get some land in Hawaii. I did not even know it was possible to find a place like this 🙂

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