A Better Ending to a Sad Day

My kitten King Puffleton has been sick the past few days so today we brought him to the vet.  He got an X-ray twice and we found out that he has a growth in his chest cavity that is the size of his heart.  We do not know exactly what it is yet, but we want to bring him to a specialist to get an ultrasound and find out if we can save his life.

This breaks my heart to see our little angel suffer.  He is still so tiny at about 10 weeks old and this is only his 3rd week with me.  Please say some prayers for our kitten.

I prayed with him and at the end of the day I sang my “breakfast rhyme song” and he started eating for the first time that I have seen in two days.  I feel hopeful, but also heartbroken.

Please keep our kitten in your thoughts and prayers.  I hope that he will be able to heal and recover and live a good life.

❤ Alana

King Puffleton is very daring!

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