When You Feel Like Giving Up… Just Do Something!

I am inspired by the determination I was feeling this time of year a year ago. It was definitely the turning point I needed to begin my transformation. My priorities have shifted to stressing less and living well and I am enjoying the ride. More on that later!

❤ Alana

Living Out Loud

I had about 2 weeks of smooth sailing (with teeny tiny road bumps along the way in the form of anxiety).  I stuck with intermittent fasting and started each day a cold shower, black coffee, then  Buti Yoga and meditation.  Then I headed off to work then came home and worked out.  It was a great routine and it was working, but I know from my history that when I hit week #3; things get a little rocky and this time around was not unique.

I can stick with anything for 2 weeks, but now I am learning how to break through that glass ceiling.  I felt stressed, anxious, and a little off these past few days and for no particular reason.  It could be the changes or the weather…  Who knows?  The past 2 days I felt super unmotivated.  I wanted to skip my icy showers and f the…

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