Now What?

My 20’s were so full of struggles.  Struggling to make it.  Struggling to find my voice.  Struggling to afford life.  Struggling to recover and heal from PTSD.  Struggling with heartache.  Struggling to find love.  Health issues.  Growing pains.  It was a tumultuous decade and I was terrified of what my 30’s would be like.

I am almost done with the 1st year of my 30’s and they are pretty great.  Next month I am turning 31 and I do not have the same stresses that I had before.  Now I am asking bigger questions like “What do I want?”  What is important to me?  How do I want to make a difference?  Do I want to get married?  Do I want to have kids?  What are my interests?  What are my strengths?  What weaknesses would I like to strengthen?  How do I want to spend my time?

I think a major problem I had in my 20’s was that I let fear paralyze me and keep me from pursuing my goals and dreams.  Now it is time for me to be brave.

Where heaven meets the ocean

6 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Good for you. Never stop asking questions and looking deeper into yourself. Bravery is one of life’s most important questions. Find it, use it, believe in it. In time it will become such a part of you that you no longer have to question it and then you’ll really start to glow. And keep smiling that beautiful smile.

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