I don’t miss who I was, but I do miss her…

Google has a funny way of surprising you with random photo albums from the past.  I have been getting little notifications more frequently with albums that say “this is where you were 2 years ago.”  Some of the memories are happy and others are sour.

It feels like looking in the mirror into the eyes of the person I was in the past.  I am thankful that things change and I have grown a lot since then.  I think the most touching memories are the albums that contain pics of my Grandma Alice.  She passed away this past April and I have lost so many of my favorite pictures with time, moving, travel, computer switches, and my deleted facebook account.  Today I was surprised by this gem from 2017.  I hate the way that I look, but I can see past my own vanity because I am with my beloved Grandma.

My Mom, Grandma Alice, and Myself

It was a hot summer day and my boyfriend and I were cleaning the motor home and getting ready to sell it.  Grandma was visiting my parents and they stopped by on the way back to Vancouver.  Spending time with Grandma was like being touched by pure sunshine.  She was always laughing and so upbeat.  I know it was a hectic time, but I am so glad that she took the time to stop by.

4 thoughts on “I don’t miss who I was, but I do miss her…

  1. That picture is priceless – and you three look so good in he warm colors –
    And such beauty –
    Oh and I know what you mean about not liking some photos we are in – there are some of me
    With my granddaughter – and I was in an outfit that was my bird for the day (just threw it on after we gardened) and hair was blah – never expected pics to be taken – but later on I was like who cares – it is the content that counts

    So you are wise to see he value of the photo and to ya e confidence and an anchored view to know we don’t always look our best but it is what it was–/ hahah

    1. Thank you for understanding. It was a picture I hated back then, but now I treasure it looking back. That’s true it is what it is and we make the best of it 🙂

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