Gypsy Living

I just realized that I have been quite the gypsy this past year.  Last May we sold our 1st house (that we lived in for 3 years) and our lives have been an ongoing adventure since then.  Back then I was nervous about it.  Would it be a big mistake?  Our friends and family told us it would be foolish because we lived in such a great area.  That we should just wait it out because the value of our house would go way up.  Life was convenient and fun and I knew my way around so well since it was in my home town, but we both longed for more.  So we took a risk and sold the house and it was the best decision we could have made.  Sometimes you need to be bold and take big risks.

I have lived in 5 different places this past year.  When you move that much you learn little tricks like mostly buying portable furniture (thank you Target.)  You figure out which staples are necessities and you surprise yourself with how little you really need.

I call this 2nd house “The Dollhouse” it was fully furnished and we bought it in cash.  You could tell that the lady who owned it before us loved this home.  I only got to spend a day and a half here before going back to my home town for school.  I thought that it would be necessary to sell it before moving to my current place, but we were able to move here without selling and our new renter is a young mother who is taking great care of the home.

You also learn that letting go is truly liberating.

I got the hang of minimal decorating and I learned to feel comfortable everywhere I went.  This past move was the 6th time that I have moved in the last year and probably my favorite one so far.  I let go of more than I ever have.


I just realized that I do not have any pics of my apartment in Portland, Maine and hardly any of my townhome in Scottsdale.  I think because I was a little ashamed of the lack of interior decorating.

This past week I felt a little down and today I realized it is possibly because I do not feel like I am home yet. This place feels more like home than any other place that I have been.  Did you notice that I never used the word home to describe our 1st house?  It was a tumultuous and exciting time.  I was so busy with school and we had tenants renting rooms most of the time.

I do love to travel and I am sure I will be traveling more soon, but this is a place that I want to call home for a long time.  Looking back, I think my two favorite places were the dollhouse in Maine and the room I rented during fall quarter.  It was also the same room I rented 5 years ago.  What do these two places have in common?  They were both decorated!  Right now I have the essentials like a folding table (desk), chairs. cozy bed, a hammock, and 2 kittens, but  I realized that I am still living like a guest.  My jewelry and makeup is stored in ziploc bags and my home is not decorated at all. I think it is time for me to start decorating again.  Watch out Pinterest!  HERE I COME!!!

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate?  Comment below to share!


5 thoughts on “Gypsy Living

  1. Oh how fun to
    Nestle in and make it home – I don’t really have tips because we are all so different and each place is unique ((as you know))
    But just enjoy yourself – as I am sure you will!!

    1. We were turning 30 and we wanted to experience new places. Our 1st house was in the city where we both grew up. Maine was too cold and Arizona too hot 🙂 we tried New Zealand a couple of years ago, but missed our cats. Thanks for reading and following me. I am looking forward to following you and reading more.

      ❤ Alana

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