With Days Like Today,Yesterday Would Be Jealous…

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I used to live at the swimming pool year round.  I coached swim team and I loved working with the kids and watching them learn and grow.  Summertime was exciting because the pools would get twice as long (hello long course season), we had fun travel meets, and many of the pools were outside.

Even when I decided to retire from coaching swim team, I still worked at the pool and enjoyed soaking up the summer sunshine outside.  Right before I turned 27 I decided to give up coaching.  My full-time job was still around a pool setting, but I decided to look for a future beyond the swimming pool.

In the spring of 2016, I gave up pool living for good.  It felt like a dramatic change because it was such a big part of me.  I identified with coaching swimming and being at the pool.  It was sad when I started realizing that maybe coaching was not in line with the future that I wanted for myself.  As a coach, I gave up nearly every evening from 3 pm to sometimes 9 pm.  Also many weekends were spent at swim meets from the early morning to the evening.   I knew that this would not be great for family life if I ever wanted to have one in the future.  It was scary to take that leap of faith and give up my pool related jobs because they payed decently and I enjoyed them, but looking back, I am glad that I did.  When I gave up the career path that I had grown accustomed to for the past 5 years, it freed up my energy, creativity, and opened up new opportunities for me.


I have been taking a lot of little trips down memory lane lately.  Yesterday I was thinking about how I did not end up studying what I thought I would in college.  I thought that I was going to finish my pre-requisites and try to get into physical therapy school.  I started, but got really sick.  Instead, I studied computer science and I am glad that I did.  The time has gone by and I have come such a long ways from the time that I thought a raspberry pi was an actual fruit-filled tart 🙂

If I could change anything, I would not change the path that I took.  Coaching helped me to learn and grow as a person from my early twenties to my later twenties.  I do wish that I would have believed in myself more.  I had know idea back then that I would be where I am today.

I am thankful for all of it and am looking forward to the future!

❤ Alana

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