I grew up thinking I was a Leo, but I am actually a…

I know that I am not exactly an A-type personality.  I would call it more like a “Virgo” personality.  Did I ever mention that I grew up thinking that I was a Leo?  My Grandma, Mother, and Sister are all Leos and that was honestly the only sign I really knew about because I was not really into the whole astrology sign scene (my parents were very religious.)

My Grandma, Mother, and Sister are birds of a feather (I am actually very much like my Grandma Alice).  They are strong-willed, loyal, kind, but also stubborn, domineering, and very bossy.  I am not saying these are bad characteristics at all I just knew that I was different from them.  I blamed it on being much more mild-mannered like my Dad.

Leo’s Positive Traits Leo’s Negative Traits
caring arrogant
optimistic inflexible
kind lazy
loyal prideful
honest domineering
My family and I!  I think this was my 24th birthday ❤

I think it was only 5 or 6 years ago when I learned that I am a Virgo.  That made a lot more sense.  I mean, my mom is a Leo and my Dad is a Libra so what sign is in between?  Actually it is a coincidence that I happened to be born in between signs.  These are some classic Virgo traits and I have to say that they definitely apply to me.

Virgo’s Positive Traits Virgo’s Negative Traits
intelligent critical
analytical judgmental
honest old school
reliable fussy
perfectionist slow
20160107_174222 (1)
Grandma Alice and I ❤

I do not like to live within the walls of stereotypes, but I do think it is interesting to read and learn about descriptions, characteristics, and tendencies.  Another example of this would be the fact that when I took the Myers-Briggs test 13 years ago I was an INFJ.  I took this test this year and to my surprise I am still an INFJ.  So while these descriptions and personality types are not the gospel and ultimate guide to my life; I see it as a form of self-awareness.

With self-awareness comes self-acceptance.

These past two weeks have been great.  Things are falling into place nicely (not always easily), but for some reason I have still been feeling uneasy.  I could not figure out what was wrong for awhile…  I work from home and set my own hours.  I keep getting more great news.  What could possibly be wrong when so many things are right?

A few days ago I decided to implement more structure into my work schedule.  It was amazing what a huge difference it made for me to write down every time I started and stopped working.  All of a sudden the goals and a clearer path appeared.

I learned that I thrive with structure.  I also learned that I need to learn how to not be so hard on myself.  There is no one else who is harder on me than myself.  I think with the proper dose of structure, that will take some pressure off.

What is your sign and do you think you feel like some of the characteristics of that sign fit you?  Comment below to share!

❤ Alana

3 thoughts on “I grew up thinking I was a Leo, but I am actually a…

    1. I definitely follow astrology a lot more now. I am always amazed by how spot on it seems to be. My parents made it seem like anything that was not related to Christianity was taboo. Now that I am an adult it has been nice to broaden my horizons. ❤

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