Workout and Word of the Day #81

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I started drinking coffee again yesterday and it stirred up my ambitions!  I just about got caught up with work and I emptied out my entire closet.  It took me almost the entire day to finish deep cleaning my room, but that is because I worked on it in spurts throughout the day.  The later it got, the more I could feel myself losing motivation, but I was determined to finish what I started.

It got to the point where I told myself “if I finish cleaning this room then I GET to work out.”  Can you believe it?!?!  I used working out as a reward!  That is the first time that has ever happened because for years it has felt like a chore and some days even a life sentence.  I am so glad that my paradigm is finally shifting!  There was even a point in the evening when I forgot that I still had to do my workout.  I was so busy with work, cleaning, and generally buzzing around.  Also, I woke up with a sore knee that was bothering me all day long and that mixed with the caffeine made me feel slightly irritable.

What motivated me to workout rather than take the day off?  

Well, at the beginning of the month, I started doing Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga TRUE challenge  I did not want to fall behind.  I am also doing Blogilates 100 Glute Challenge and I have not missed a day (this was day 2.)  These challenges and my consistency kept me motivated and even though it was midnight by the time I had some time, I decided to take that time for myself.  I love the fact that both of these challenges are free and so easily accessible at our fingertips.  There really are NO excuses!

I even felt a fleeting surge of inspiration and I started opening up all the videos from Cassey’s monthly calendar, but then I started feeling overwhelmed and decided to be more realistic.  I reminded myself that my knee is still hurting and I should probably be more gentle and mindful of my own needs so I found workouts that catered to relieving knee pain and preventing knee injuries.

Workout of the Day: 100 Glute Challenge + Knee Friendly exercises + Yoga

Knee Strengthening exercises for knee pain:

I really enjoyed this warm-up.  She addressed ankles, knees, hips, and balance.

Knee Pain Exercises -Physical Therapy for knee pain:

This was a really good reminder of exercises I can do to relieve knee pain.  This is more of an explanation video than a real time video.  I recommend watching the whole video to familiarize yourself with the exercises, determining how many repetitions you would like to do, then going through all of the exercises on both sides.

The Best Cardio for Losing Weight with bad Knees: 10 minute walking workout

I was so busy that I did not have a chance to go for my daily walk.  I am glad that I did this video.  Even though the movements were basic, I worked up a sweat and felt great!

Day 2 Fire Hydrant Kicks! | 100 Glute Challenge

I could feel the burn with just this one exercise and I was dripping with sweat.  I took the proper precautions and put a cushion under my knee since the ground is hard.

True – Day 5 – High | Yoga With Adriene

I cannot believe that I have already practiced yoga 5 days in a row.  I was looking forward to it this time around.

Today’s Word of the Day is:

omnishambles– noun, plural

  1. Chiefly British informal.  A situation, especially in politics, in which poor judgement results in disorder or chaos with potentially disastrous consequences.

Overall, it was a great workout and a productive day.  It still took me about 2 full hours to fall asleep, but I think it was the coffee talking from earlier in the day.  That answers my question about how drinking coffee would affect my sleep pattern 😉

Thanks for joining me for another workout and word of the day!  I will see you tomorrow!

❤ Alana

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