Workout and Word of the Day #82

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I still do not feel any knee pain!  I am amazed and thankful for the body’s ability to heal itself with the proper care.  I have also found more sources of renewed motivation to continue this journey to becoming my healthiest self.

There is of course injury prevention which is huge.  Yesterday, I found out that my Dad has hammer toe and had to get a ligament cut to relieve the pain then in a week he is getting a shoulder replacement.  At the beginning of this year he had heart surgery and every week he goes to dialysis multiple times.  I am glad that he is alive and fighting for his life I just wish that he did not have to suffer this much.  My dad has been a type one Diabetic since his early 30’s and he has the ailments that come with it including late stage kidney failure.  I wish things could be different.  It is heartbreaking each time I hear about a new injury or ailment.  I think the best thing I can do is to continue to take good care of myself and my health.  I also really need to stress and worry less.

Today’s Workout is: Tabata hiit + 100 Glute Challenge + Yoga

Dancing Abs Full Workout:

I enjoyed this dancing abs workout even more than the one I did earlier this week.

Day 3 Hamstring Curl To Butt Lift | 100 Glute Challenge

I am glad I sequenced today’s workouts the way I did.  This one really burned, but I felt so accomplished by the end of it!

40 Minute Tabata hiit workout for fatloss

I really enjoyed the tabata format of this workout.  These two are always so positive, uplifting, and inspiring.  I definitely need to do more HASfit workouts in the future.

TRUE- Day 6- Kindle | Yoga With Adriene

This practice worked on the core and I felt it!  It felt so good to relax afterwards.

Word of the Day:

sisyphean– adjective

  1. Endless and unavailing as labor or a task.

I liked the Greek mythology feel to this word, but I do not want to fill my life with sisyphean tasks.

Thanks for joining me for another workout and word of the day!  I hope you will have a lovely day today!!!

❤ Alana

4 thoughts on “Workout and Word of the Day #82

  1. Same as my husband. He has been diabetic 44 years now. Heart and kidney failure, neuropathy of the feet, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. That’s without all the surgeries.

    1. I am sorry he is going through all of that. It is hard to see the person you love suffer like this. He is so blessed to have you by his side. I told my mom that too. ❤

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