I burned out then went on an adventure intervention

It was slowly building up until it came to a head yesterday…

I have been working my tail off since I took over the business in April.  Every single day I have worked hard until the work got done, but lately business has been great.  Which is great for the business, but kept me working even harder.  I started feeling discouraged because I could not catch up, but my pride has been keeping me from hiring or asking for help even though it has been offered many times.

Lately I started feeling extra irritable and on the edge of tears not knowing what was wrong.  My discontent started seeping into all other areas of my life and I could not figure out what was causing it.  I was snappy and pushing myself hard, but it never felt like enough.

Thankfully my bf spent the day trying to help me figure out what was wrong.  I blamed it on depression, but I knew it was probably something else.  We finally narrowed it down and figured out that I am burned out.  So he told me to stop working and together we set off on an adventure.  He also suggested that I take some time off and he would take the reins while I recovered.

We immediately got into the car.  I wanted to resist, but he insisted and said that this was an adventure intervention and I am so glad that he did.  We drove along to coast on a road that neither of us had ever been on.  There is something so enchanting about experiencing a new place for the very first time…

We stopped the car on this bridge to take pictures with this waterfall

We drove until we reached the city of Honokaa and we found this pizzaria called Cafe Il Mondo in the middle of the town.  To our delight there was live music and the Joe Blow Trio was performing.  There was a drummer, a keyboard performer, and someone on what I thought was a keytar, but I just found out that it is a chapman stick.  I did not even know that such a thing existed!  They were very talented musicians and showmen.  I was impressed because the keyboard player would whip out a different instrument with each song. First he played the harmonica and then it was the flute and then the saxophone!  I am sure he had more instruments up his sleeve, but we decided to leave after enjoying a margarita and splitting a delicious calzone.  If you are ever on the Big Island, you should definitely check out the enchanting town of Honokaa.

Aloha ❤

I felt completely underdressed and unprepared for a date night (unbrushed hair with no makeup), but I am glad I went anyways.  I think it was exactly what I needed.  When we got home instead of going back to work, I rested.  I think that I am going to start taking at least one day a week to rest and recover that way I can avoid burning out in the future.

How do you recover from and prevent burnout?  Please comment below to share!  Happy Weekend my Friends!

❤ Alana

9 thoughts on “I burned out then went on an adventure intervention

      1. That is a good idea. I do love checklists and planning. That is one thing that I have never penciled in, but I guess this is a good time to start 🙂

  1. I love that photo of you with the drink!
    And the adventure intervention has a good name and you should maybe coin the phrase –
    And for me – I try to have three days a week where I can sleep in. It helps me not get a sleep debt.
    I also was reminded again from Dave asprey at bulletproof blog – (do you follow dave asprey – you should because he seems right up your alley)
    Anyhow – just read the reminder to get extra sleep if you work out –
    It sounds basic / but I know some of of us forget this – and I will easily double up on workouts (like do two
    Classes) and then go go to – forgetting to get the extra sleep –
    The other thing my husband and I do is “take naps” and whew – love them

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am so glad that you reminded me of the Bulletproof Blog. I visited it a few months ago, but forgot about it. This is a good time for me to work on improving my sleep schedule. Lately it has consisted of me playing games on my phone until my eyes shut, but I know there are better ways to accomplish this 🙂
      Naps are a great idea too. Thank you for sharing. I hope you will have a wonderful week!

      ❤ Alana

      1. You might want to get some
        Blue light blockers for night time stuff- they are like
        Ten dollars on amazon –
        My hubs bought the bulletproof glasses (it helps your mind block the blue light and get more ready for sleep) and my son had cheap amazon ones that are just as effective –
        But it could help

        And wishing you a great week!
        Oh and another thing that helps me prevent burnout (when life is go and do) are good vitamins – minerals
        Oh my goodness does it help!

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