Workout and Word of the Day #83

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I started writing this post about last night’s workout this morning, but it turned out that I had a lot more on my mind and heart to write about than just the workout.  It had been a week since I had done a dedicated workout and by the end of it I was in tears.  The short version is that I felt frustrated and disappointed in myself because I felt like I had not made much progress fitness-wise since last summer.

Yesterday’s Workout of the Day: Dance + Barre + Glute Challenge

Full Body Dance Workout:

I really enjoy Keaira’s workouts.  She has such great energy and I am always happier when I am dancing.  Lately I have been very critical of my own dancing because I feel flimsy, out of rhythm, and out of practice.  It is okay.  I will just keep moving 🙂

Day #4 Mermaid Front Raise | 100 Glutes Challenge:

Even though I missed 7 full days, I decided to just pick up right where I left off.  I love how elegant this move is.  I noticed that my feet are weak right now and it is challenging for me to hold a pointed toe.  It is something for me to work on.

45 Minute Barre Workout that Fuses Cardio + Toning:

This really was a lovely workout, but I could hardly enjoy it because I was so hard on myself and way too critical.  I think this was the one that lead me to tears because I noticed that I have lost flexibility from being so sedentary these past 4 months.

Word of the Day:

maladroit– adjective

  1. unskillful; awkward; bungling; tactless.

It is startling how much a sedentary lifestyle impacts the body.  This morning I woke up with a sore knee and ankle and I think it is because I sit so much.  Thankfully, I am taking action to reverse these feelings.  Today we went for a nice  walk (2.75 miles) I am also going to do a workout after I finish writing this post.

I also think that this is probably a good time for me to shift to morning workouts so that I get them done before I do other things.  I am not sure how soon this will take affect, but it is on the horizon!

❤ Alana

8 thoughts on “Workout and Word of the Day #83

    1. Sometimes it is nice to switch things up for a change of pace. I do enjoy afternoon / evening workouts and they way they help me shake off the day. I just noticed that they were getting later and later until they stopped happening :/

      1. and oh my goodness – your are so right about the sitting too much –
        that is why I did not blog earlier this month – did not want to stand to make posts (we have a standing desk that my hubs loves) and I refused to sit – hahah

      2. It is really good that you are making it a point not to sit too much even though you have been healing. That can be tricky especially if you are in pain at all.
        I really think that sitting and being sedentary is so hard on the mind and body. I was not a computer person at all before I met my partner and went back to college. I used to be a swim coach and water group fitness instructor. Then I decided to study computer science and it was an awful shock to my mind and body. I swore off coding for almost a year and took a program that went over biology, chemistry, anatomy & physiology, and dance, but then I tore my hamstring and later in the year got terribly sick. I started fall quarter that year with biology, chemistry, and geology, but was so sick that I had to take the quarter off. It got to the point where all I could do was sit still and code so then I took up computers again. It is funny how things come full circle.

      3. well I sat too much when I was also working on assignments for graduate school — ugh – – and I had a recumbent bike that rescued me for years.
        That was before I did yoga (different types of yoga)-

        and a hamstring pull…. ouch.
        and crazy how it led you to get back int o the computer code realm.

        and for me – with the rib healing this summer – weeks 2 through 4 were hard for anything = not just sitting. If I did not lie down enough my back would freeze up and just feel frozen. Not too painful – but would freeze.
        And then if I laid down flat for half an hour – all would relax.
        it was crazy and twice it happened when not at home.
        Once was during a party set up for a good friend.
        I see the part of the rug I laid on that day – all alone while waiting for the other folks to come back and set up – and I smile now because I know where I came from with healing from this

        and one more tidbit.
        you know how you are working out and keeping your body strong and supple?
        well Alana, I really believe that my injuries would have been worse if I did not work out for years prior to the accident.
        I also believe I healed faster because my body is strong. –
        so even tho our workout schedule wanes and we have ups and downs – let us both remember that working out (well the right workouts – eh?>) but it has huge cumulative effects on good health – and praise God for that

      4. It sounds like you have come a long way with your healing. Our bodies are so amazing and I am thankful for the ability to heal. I am glad that we talked about this. You are right. If anything being strong, supple, and healthy helps us to heal more quickly and get less injured. I have been able to catch myself several times this year and would think. That could have been a bad injury.

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