Let Go & Level Up 2.0

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At the end of July I was grasping.  Memories, dreams, and nightmares from my past were haunting me and making me feel small.  I wrote the first version of Let Go & Level Up because I wanted to get out of my own way and I needed motivation to be brave and let go of the past.

Back then I noticed that I was getting fixated on little things that did not really matter in the big picture and these fixations were distracting me from my goals and keeping me from moving forward.  Even though things were going well I was worrying and doubting myself SO Much that I started to believe my doubts and worries.

I have recently learned two things about myself.  The first is that I am very stubborn.  And the second is that it is hard for me to let things go.  In the right circumstances, these are potentially good qualities, but lately they have been keeping me from growing into the best version of myself.

I have decided to update my list from 8 things and to add 2 more.


  1. Disappointments
  2. Insecurities
  3. Mistakes
  4. Failures
  5. Lost loves
  6. Jealousy
  7. Anger
  8. Fear
  9. Expectations
  10. Being Self-Critical

I want to let these things go so that I can grow.

What are 3 things (messages, beliefs, ideologies, barriers) that are keeping your from growing?  Comment below to share and we can let go together.

❤ Alana

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