I Needed Some Time Alone

Today I felt so physically and emotionally drained.  Also irritable.  So I decided to opt out of this evening’s grocery shopping adventure and I stayed home alone with my thoughts and worked on reports. Now I feel a lot better. Sometimes we simply need some time alone…

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My Summery Summer Summary

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Summer of 2019 was a summer to remember!  I moved to one of my dream destinations and we got a beautiful property that checked off so many items on my wish list.  Big life changes like a move are exciting and exhilarating and they come with their own sets of […]

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In The Meantime…

I believe that “in the meantime” happens at many intervals throughout our lives.  I had “in the meantime” moments that were excruciatingly painful.  And “in the meantime moments” that were charged with excitement and anticipation.  Other moments felt monotonous, stale, and complacent.  The beautiful thing was that these moments changed with time. I am currently […]

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Aggressive Overload

This place will test you in many ways.  It will either rip apart your relationships or bring you together and help you grow stronger.  It is worth all the trials, challenges, and tribulations if you can handle it. I knew what I wanted when I looked for this place.  I wanted acreage in an agricultural […]

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Finally Decide to be Happy Again

I have a problem that I have known about for awhile.  I work my butt off, throw my heart and soul into training or a project, but when it gets close to performance day I find little ways to sabotage myself.  Staying up late.  Procrastinating.  Subbing extra shifts for people who never reciprocate.  Waiting until […]

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