Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project 2.0 Week # 36


Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Thank goodness all that heavy, depressing, negative energy that I was feeling last week has been lifted.  Last week was so intense and this week was a wonderfully light contrast.  I made the deliberate decision to let go and in letting go it freed up energy and space in my mind and heart and I came out feeling lighter.  I decided to step outside of my walls and lower some of the drawbridges that I have spent years building (to protect myself.)

On Sunday our renters came over and brought us an assortment of ipas and we had chips and salsa.  We spent the evening talking, getting to know each other, sharing stories, and laughing.  This was a HUGE stride for me because I VERY MUCH keep to myself in my personal life.  I know that I share a lot here, but it took me a long time to be able to be candid and open up to all of you.  I used to not even tell people who knew me in real life that I had this blog because I was worried about being judged.  I was so nervous about our little social on Sunday night and I did not know what to bring.  I knew that the neighbors were vegan recently switched to vegetarian and I got a little overwhelmed.  I wanted to make my special vegan dark chocolate dipped strawberries, but I knew that our budget was tight since it was the week we would pay the mortgage and other bills.  I thought back to the days when I was vegan and decided that we just could not go wrong with chips and salsa.  They were a hit!  It was nice to let loose and socialize it helped me realize how important it is especially when you move to a new place.

Monday was a holiday, but this did not really affect me since I run our business from home.  The daring part of me reached out to the local Zumba teacher to find out if she was having class.  As I mentioned in one of my posts this week, I was secretly hoping that she had cancelled it for the holiday.  It turned out that she was having class and I indecisively deliberated going all day long.  I was close to not going and even had a mild panic attack.  I think what motivated me to lean towards going was the fact that the holiday would probably make the class less busy and maybe I could blend in more easily.  That evening I decided to be brave and I got into the driver’s seat, teeth chattering the entire drive there.  I was so nervous once I arrived and fidgeted awkwardly since they were running on Hawaiian time.  Once the music started I came alive and felt like myself.

The rest of the week was a little stressful, but life happens and we rolled with it.  Our renters were late paying rent and my Maine renter ended up being a flake and is actually a month behind.  Thankfully, the business income was more than enough to cover our mortgage and our bills.  Tis’ the life of a business owner / freelancer, I suppose.  It all happened on the same day and it felt like it not only rained, but poured.  The nice part about the downpour was the fact that we were able to resolve ALL issues in one day.  God is good!

I have been practicing Yoga With Adriene every morning and she really helps set the pace for each day.  I will lighter and more positive every time I leave the mat.  I also feel good because I know that I am taking care of myself.  I have not been putting as much direct focus and pressure on myself to workout hard like I used to.  Instead, I have been taking better care of myself and being More mindful of my choices.  My nutrition is still far from perfect, but I am making little changes little by little.

Another new change I made this week is reading at least a chapter before bed.  Right now I am currently reading “A Mind of Your Own” by Dr. Kelly Brogan.  She is an excellent source of information and education.  One of my fellow blog friends recommended her to me and I am so glad.  I also started reading fiction which I embarrassingly have not done in forever.

This Saturday one of our dear friends flew out to the islands to work with us!  He worked hard and saved up money and bought his own ticket here.  He is the son of one of my dearest lifelong friends and just turned 20.  He has worked with us on projects in the past and always does a great job.  I hope that being here in Hawaii will help him learn and grow as a person.  My significant other and I were both in very abusive situations when we were around that age.  My SO enlisted into the Navy when he was 17 and became a Fire Control Man.  He often says that if he could do it again he would have worked towards his goals sooner and would probably be a lot further in life.  I was trapped in an awful physically and mentally abusive relationship.  At that time, I felt like I had nowhere to turn.  I am happy that this person chose to join our team at a young age and hopefully we can all achieve success together.

I feel a lot less burned out by work even though my work load has grown with the business.  I think it is helping to make more time for myself and my health.  It is also helpful to not be so hard on myself.

Here are my blog posts from this past week:

I have been posting less frequently, but I feel like I have been creating quality content.  I have also been doing workouts, but have not kept up with my “Workout and Word of the Posts” as much as usual because life has been hectic and I have been following a core workout phone app.  It has helped to take the guess work out of working out 🙂

Here is my weekly Be-YOU-tiful pic ❤

This is another pic that I usually would not post because I am self-conscious of my body, but I am trying to accept myself regardless of what condition I am in.  So here I am!  This was taken yesterday after I went snorkeling at a black / green sand beach.


“Don’t be afraid of your fears.  They are not there to scare you.  They are there to let you know that something is worth-it.”

  • Create a Bucket-list (my year truly begins in September.)  I need to do this, but I am a little afraid.  I guess I should refer back to this month’s quote / theme for some instant inspiration.
  • Make Time. I have been making time for myself and it sure helps!
  • Forget about the results.  I want to fall in love with the process.  My partner is great at doing this and I would like to get better.  I remember when he asked me to let him make mistakes with his projects (back then it was yurts and now it is domes) he told me that this is how he learns.
  • Live Passionately.  I have been reminding myself to do this and it has given me more freedom to enjoy life.
  • Master a new technology.  Still on my list.

I am so glad that I had a good week.  Weeks like this one give me a lot of hope.   The month of September is definitely an uplifting time for me.  How was your first week of September?  Please comment below to share!

❤ Alana

6 thoughts on “Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project 2.0 Week # 36

  1. Hi Alana -September is going way too fast!!
    Any first week was ok-
    We had to cancel two different beach trips (about 90 minutes away) because of weather – so I extra liked your coastal photo today- and your smile – woo ho

    And the note about “being farther along by now” I know what that means – but we also have to nip those thoughts in the bud because we assume that farther along would have been good for us. When in reality that other path could have had riffs that successes but then cost us something dearer – it maybe you two never would have met…
    Anyhow – glad the chips and salsa worked out great!

    1. Happy September! I agree. This month is flying by. I’m sorry the weather kept you from going on both beach trips that is disappointing. It sounds like lots of places experienced an abrupt end of summer and the temperature has begun to drop.
      You are so right. I am thankful things have happened the way they did. I met him during a time when I was not looking for someone and had been focusing on myself. It is funny how life happens that way.
      Thanks for stopping by and reading! I hope you will have a wonderful week. I just read the chapter that talked about how gluten, dairy, gmos, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, and nsaids are major gut bombs. I feel a little intimidated at the thought of giving some of these up, but I also feel like I am at the point where I feel ready to make some changes for the better. I will keep reading 🙂

      1. Hi – well it is going to be 94 today so right on…. a but of summer vibe still–
        and my hubs had me read about the NSAIDS in the summer when I was taking Ibuprofen for my rib injury.
        and oh Alana – it scared me at first and so I got off the Ibuprofen a little too early – and then went back on them because I NEEDED them big time – and realized she was talking about people who take them daily for years for inflammation when they can reduce pain and inflammation other ways – right…
        and so I took my ibuprofen for another month (found a dye-free one at wall-mart that was effective)
        anyhow, had no idea how much people unknowingly abuse daily ibuprofen when there are so many other things they can do to reduce the symptoms or better yet – get to root causes.

        It took me a while to get away from dairy – hard cheeses were my hardest – and so as I am sure you already know this so well –
        it really is the “sum of many parts” and when we make small things happen and go slow so it becomes a lifestyle – release happens with ease.
        The other thing that helped me was eating great food –
        I have half a grass-fed steak (or a whole one) with all the grizzle and bites of fat – and I am so satisfied – all these nutrition needs are met.
        I also take vitamins that have glandualrs in theme and my body needs those so much –
        oh and one side note – I think I might have an allergy to “night shades”
        potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, and peppers

        I am shocked by this – but maybe it is just for right now as I keep removing stuff from my body

      2. 94? Wow! You have some summer weather left! Enjoy the sunshine and stay hydrated.
        I saw that about the nsaids and I am glad that you took it for your injury. I think that is just fine because injuries are an extreme case that need a little guidance to bring the inflammation down. I will probably still take it if I get an unbearable headache, but yes there are folks who abuse it and become dependent on otc. Anything like that can’t be good for us.

        Dairy is going to be hard for me, but I know it will help. There was a time when I stopped eating dairy in my early twenties and my skin and hair glowed, but I also love the hard cheeses especially Parmesan. I use it almost like a seasoning pretty often. That is a bummer about the nightshades, but hopefully just temporary.

        I am glad we can chat about our experiences. Thank you for that. Hope you are enjoying your day!

        ❤ Alana

      3. the day went well – and glad to connect and share also – and later this weekend I will be back to share about something else you might want to try for a headache – it is magnesium chloride and it will help your body in so many ways
        – hope u have a great rest of the week

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