I Needed to get Rained On

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I needed to get rained on and I am not referring to the type of rain you see  in a club.

Lately my mood has been as fickle as the weather.  There were two days in a row where I felt like I was floating on cloud 9.  Happy and as motivated as ever then on the 3rd day (2 days ago) I crashed.  I felt sad and down and stuck in a loop of sadness.  It bothered me because I had every reason to feel happy.

Thankfully I woke up feeling happy again yesterday and I have been riding this wave of joy.  I spent the morning working and started to feel the internal rain clouds closing in so I decided to take myself outside.

I bundled up to protect myself from the bugs and felt unstoppable with my sunhat and garden gloves.  Just as I started weeding our entryway it started to downpour.  I was hoping this would happen because I love the rain.

I spent a couple of hours getting rained on and enjoying it as I cleared peaceful places in our garden.  By the time I went inside I was soaked to the bone and I felt SO alive.

So the next time you feel down take yourself outside and you will be OUT STANDING.

You’re a Sunflower ❤

❤ Alana

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