Aggressive Overload

This place will test you in many ways.  It will either rip apart your relationships or bring you together and help you grow stronger.  It is worth all the trials, challenges, and tribulations if you can handle it.

I knew what I wanted when I looked for this place.  I wanted acreage in an agricultural district of  Hawaii where I could grow a giant tropical garden, , have my own chickens, and also have another living space for friends and family or a rental.  I also wanted to be close to beaches where I could swim in the ocean.  It was also important to be outside of the wave and lava zone.  Additionally, I hoped to be close to a city where we could access conveniences without having to deal with city life.

We have traveled the world over in search of an ideal place to call home and this seemed like it fit the bill and closely matched the image in my vision.  I thought it was my imagination when I saw this place.  2 fully permitted houses in Hawaii?  Was I dreaming?!?!  The dream came true and I often wake up and wonder if I am still dreaming.

This place has tested us and in the past 3 months we have rebuilt both dryers, replaced the water pumps and plumbing, and done repairs here and there.  Last night we were granted one of our biggest tests.

Both houses on the property are supplied by rainwater through a water catchment system.  It is very common for the houses on the big island to use rainwater and it makes a lot of sense since we live in the midst of a tropical rain forest.

This was our first summer here and it has been a learning experience.  The people who rent the back house have 2 kids and 2 cats.  That is 4 humans and 2 felines in one household.  I have been worried about running out of water, but knew that we would figure it out.  My heart dropped when we looked into the catchment and found out that it was empty.

Our emergency solution was to purchase 16 5 gallon jugs and to fill them at the spring.  So last night we filled 16 of those jugs and I can proudly way that I carried 16 of those jugs and my partner emptied them into the catchment.  After 3 trips of hauling water  so 48 jugs later.  We discovered that our catchment raised half an inch.

I don’t think we got enough water jugs
We filled each container at the spring then had to carry them to the rain catchment
It was quite a workout and also an adventure!

It was discouraging, but I got a damn good workout in and I honestly felt like a badass.

This morning we found people at the water spring  with a water truck who delivered enough water to fill our catchment at a discounted rate.  I am so thankful because everyone else wanted to jack up the price of water delivery.

My faith in humanity is restored and I got a nice dose of “aggressive overload”  I know it’s supposed to be progressive overload, but I thought it would be a fun play on words.

These little tests sure make life interesting and I feel like we are leveling up with each one.

❤ Alana

7 thoughts on “Aggressive Overload

  1. Wow quite an ordeal and love how you embrace the workout opp and challenge — and my heart sank when u said it was s filled half an inch at that point! Yikes – glad you found the delivery (the not jacked up price was one)

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