My Summery Summer Summary

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Summer of 2019 was a summer to remember!  I moved to one of my dream destinations and we got a beautiful property that checked off so many items on my wish list.  Big life changes like a move are exciting and exhilarating and they come with their own sets of challenges.

We went an entire month without a car and while it is do-able, it takes planning and can be a bit taxing on the pocket book, but we made it!  We definitely had our priorities straight and we adopted 2 kittens (it was almost a total of 6 kittens, but we agreed that it would be too much with our 2 fluffy cats on the way.)

I was thrilled when I found a nearly new Kia Soul to buy.  This fun vehicle is in even better condition than my car back on the mainland was before I sold it.  It has already taken us on so many adventures and I am looking forward to our future adventures.  When we were test driving the vehicle we found out that the guy who was selling it grew up here on the big island, but his parents moved to Washington State.  I was surprised by how small this world really is when I found out that his parents used to regularly take my water group fitness class back in 2013 and they remembered me 🙂 It is nice that we got such a great deal and a dependable set of wheels.

Other things that happened…  I got slammed with frequent depression and sadness that I am still dealing with today.  It is honestly a drag and it is seriously cramping my style and is taxing on my relationship.  I am taking things a day at a time and am finding ways to heal.  I think I also need to set my mind and heart on being happier.  Additionally, it is time for me to set more goals for myself.

We also got into startup school with Ycombinator and launched a produce sharing app called Harvester Market!!!

We launched a fruit and produce sharing app!!!

We also built got an even better 3D Printer and are working on our best geodesic dome yet!


  1. Go for a daily walk.  Not daily, but most days.
  2. Go to the beach at least once a week.
  3. Read at least 5 books.  I have honestly not been a very avid reader these days so this will be a realistic goal for me.  This summer I read: “Convenience Store Woman” by Sayaka Murata and “A Mind of Your Own” by Dr. Kelly Brogan.  These were both enjoyable books.  I am thinking of applying some of Dr. Brogan’s guidelines and trying out her protocol in the near future.
  4. Visit 3 local markets.   We went to the Maku’u Sunday Market, Malama Market, and KTA.
  5. Make some new friends.  It has been really hard for me to open up and socialize.  My social anxiety has been getting the best of me lately.
  6. Do something I have never done before.    I finally got to go snorkeling a bunch of times minus the snorkel mask and snorkel.  I absolutely love it!
  7. Explore my world. I have been exploring a lot, but I think I can still be even more adventurous.  I have not gone outside of my comfort zone / box very much tbh.
  8. Learn how to bake homemade bread.  Not yet, but it is on my list!
  9. Spend more time outdoors. YES!  And spending more time outdoors makes ALL the difference in the world.  It is like medicine for my body, mind, heart, and soul.
  10. Plant a garden. Yes!  Christopher surprised me with a baby dwarf apple banana tree.  I named her Appelonia and we planted her into our homemade planter last week.  We have also been growing fruit seedlings from fruits that we have been eating like mangosteen, rambutan, and mango!
  11. Think about my future. Yes, but I am still afraid and I want to be more fearless about pursuing my goals and dreams.
  12. Create a youtube channel?… naw…  LOL
  13. Practice yoga or pilates daily.  I practiced Yoga with Adriene very consistently and I even did a 30 day abs phone app challenge.
  14. Dance.  I went to one zumba class this summer and danced through the water.
  15. Draw. No.

It looks like I got to check off 8/15 items on this summer’s bucket list.  I am happy with that.  Last summer I only checked off 3/32 items on my bucketlist so this is definitely progress!  

Here are some of my favorite highlights from this summer:

How was your summer?  I hope you got to go on lots of grand adventures!  Comment below to tell me all about it.  Also, what are your goals for this beautiful fall season?  I would like to feel lighter and to have more energy to pursue my goals and dreams.  I also want to heal from this depression and to feel more joy in my life.

I hope this will be a beautiful fall season for you!

❤ Alana

15 thoughts on “My Summery Summer Summary

  1. Hi there – I know some of your summer adventures but this post helped me to see more – and sorry about the ups and downs with the affect – ugh – that is annoying and I did say a prayer for you a couple times this summer when you shared so genuinely about it via posts.
    And I will continue to lift you up when I think about it – because I do believe solutions can be found but sometimes it takes detective work and patience – ugh…. but God will lavish that on us and his grace is awesome –
    your backyard really is amazing and meow to the kitty love.
    and for me?
    I think you know a lot of my summer has been healing these ribs from the car accident – and a bit of neck stuff – the worse Is behind me – so that is good – and I had to miss a few things this summer – like a day trip to DC (not a big deal but I do love the museums and the culture exposure) and had to miss seeing the comedian Jim Gaffigan live. someone gave us tickets and the day of the show I just could not push myself – you know how we normally can push ourselves? Well not that day – they left and I rested –
    September started blah but is now ending on better notes – 🙂

    1. Hello-
      Thank you for your prayers that means a lot to me. I have been saying healing prayers for you too. I am so thankful that we have been able to connect this year. You have really inspired me and have given me a lot of hope 🙂

      It is such a bummer that you had that accident, but I am so glad that the worst is behind you and hope that you will continue on this road of healing and recovery.

      I think that being injured, out of shape, and overweight are such humbling experiences. I know that it gets disappointing for me too when I miss out on experiences that I would ordinarily look forward too. It is good that you listened to your body and rested. When you talked about missing the day trip to DC and the Jim Gaffigan show it reminded me of this spring. I have always wanted to go to a Wanderlust Yoga Festival and in my hometown state it was a 1.5 hr drive that I had considered doing, but never did a couple of years in a row. And then this spring when we lived in Scottsdale, AZ Wanderlust was literally a 13 minute drive from my house, but my anxiety kept me from going. It is okay though I know there will be fun things to do in the future.
      Is it really the end of September?!?! It has been a blah month for me too and the depression kind of made me lose track of time, but thankfully I think I am coming out of it. Wow, 2019 has been swift. Hopefully October will be even better!

      ❤ Alana

      1. thanks for the nice reply…
        and the accident has some more annoying things connected to it – like it was my mother’s fault and I was in the back seat (not sure if I told you the details) but I have not seen her since it happened and it feels off – and hopefully I will see her in the next month or two…
        and regarding not pushing myself –
        I never realized what people went through with whiplash – and how there can be brainstem swelling –
        and you know Alana – I wanted to respect my injuries – if that makes sense – because in the back of my head I knew that adding damage to an injury – only hurts me in the long run –
        and I was not being paranoid – but did I tell you about the student I had who had a stroke in May – she was not even 30 years old! she was doing a lot and was driving with her class to do clinical – and had a mini stroke – I met her after wards – but the heat combined with stress and who knows what else added up.
        so I think there were times I was extra careful and I am glad (and prayed a lot)
        now on a positive note – I have done six yoga classes – three per week the last 12 days.
        all gentle – but good workouts and getting some routine back in
        however, and you might chuckle with on this one – I have been trying to walk more – and the hubs is always darting out the door for a quick walk and invites me – so trying to say yes more –
        but the most recent walk was horrible.
        just woke up – grabbed some sneakers I bought last December (cheapies with memory foam – grabbed the for the plane ) well they did not fit right (not broken in I guess) so that was annoying especially when the sidewalk ended (new path we took) and the angled hill added more –
        then it was like 85 – I just woke from a nap and also had a tough yoga class two days before so had all that lactic acid to work out – and walking was just the thing for it – this I knew- but it was a most miserable walk – hahah but glad I got out there –

      2. Hello, thank you for sharing the circumstances of your accident with me. I would be upset too if I had been in your seat. Driving is such a huge responsibility especially when you are in the driver’s seat and I know that when I am a passenger I often feel powerless. At the same time, there are accidents that can be avoided when the driver is aware and careful. I can relate to it because my mom has always been a reckless sort of driver and thankfully we haven’t been in any wrecks, but I would be upset too. I will say some prayers for you and your mom and I hope that when you see each other you can talk and shed some light on the situation. Or at the very least hopefully talking about it will lighten the burden you have been carrying. Also the relationship is important too. Although I am someone who has had to love my mom from a distance for awhile now. She treats me like I am a black sheep mostly because I did not do things the way my parents had planned (I am just completing my undergrad at 31 and I am not married to my partner).
        I am also sorry about your young student who had the stroke. Life is just so delicate and every day that we have really is a blessing.
        You are wise to continue to listen to your body and not rush through the layers of healing. It really is a test of patience, isn’t it? It is worth-it because I have learned in the past that adding to injuries by doing too much is like stepping on the breaks on the road of healing. Keep listening to your body and going at a gentle pace.
        Great job with your consistent yoga practice. I bet it feels so good to be able to move.
        Oh gosh your walk in the heat with unbroken sneakers sounded awful. It reminds me of this past spring right before we moved. I was working on phone app development, but it was so sedentary that I started walking up and down the 3 stories of our townhome and my cats started chasing me while I was doing work. It was fun and I figured good for all of us to get exercise, but then I didn’t realize that I had done it for 3 hrs and got this big giant blister. I was in so much pain. My partner suggested that I get better shoes, but I did not get an accurate fit due to the pain and they ended up being the shoes that I have been stuck with here in Hawaii. I hated those shoes for probably over a month (every time I put them on I felt miserable and upset) thankfully now they have broken in and seem to fit well (that was lucky that they managed to work)
        Here’s to continuing on this path of healing. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

        ❤ Alana

      3. Imagining you running with the cats sounds fun – and shows how you love to move! But ouch to the blisters –
        Also / I sorta knew the black sheep scenario from following your blog. You show a lot of strength and understanding but I am sure it is not easy…

        And re the accident – did my comment make it sound like I was upset – or that my mom and I had things to work thru? Not at all. And actually I defended her with the accident because it was confusing – there were four extra wide white painted cross walks and it looked (from all of our views) like a four way stop sign!
        Also – someone in the car was being a little annoying – and so yes – her fault – but more of a human thing than a flakey thing – if that makes sense –
        But we have talked on phone many times since then and nothing to heal up-
        In fact she has had her new car for a while and loves the replacement and I think it is an afterthought –
        What did I say that made it sound like we had stuff to work through ? Hm

      4. I apologize for assuming that there was an issue with you and your mother regarding the accident. I think I inferred a little too much because I saw that you said she was at fault, you were in the back seat, and that you had not seen her since the accident. I am so glad that things are good and I simply misinterpreted it :). It is nice when accidents come with advantages like your mom getting a new replacement car.
        It reminds me of my boyfriend’s parents. They had brought their 5th wheel in for repairs and while it was parked at the servicing place a delivery truck did a hit and run and totaled the 5th wheel completely and they got money from the accident. Nobody was hurt and they were actually getting it fixed up to try and sell. It is funny how things work out like that sometimes.
        Again, sorry about the misunderstanding on my part ❤

      5. Oh no worries at all and appreciate your reply.
        And glad your boyfriend’s parents had things work
        Out like that – so cool…
        And wishing you a nice rest of
        Your day my friend

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