A Short Stroll will comfort your Soul

Happy Saturday My Friends!

It is hard to believe that this is already the final Saturday in September!  Just 3 more months until we ring in the new year!  Trust me, a lot can happen in 3 months so keep living your lives to the fullest.

If you have been following me lately, you probably already know that I have been struggling through depression and sadness.  Thankfully this week I have been able to spend more time feeling good enough to take some steps back and make some observations.

My Observations:

  1. It is important to let things flow no matter how sad or down we feel.
  2. Small, healthy habits make a big difference.  I started practicing meditation, drinking more water,  and practicing yoga.
  3. Try to talk with the people who love and care about you rather than shutting them out.
  4. Steady state cardio like jogging helps to even out my mood.
  5. Swimming in the ocean is cleansing for my soul.
  6. I do not need to obsess over my diet or how my body looks.  It is better to focus on living well and feeling good.
  7. Depression and sadness can damage healthy relationships, but it does not have to.
  8. Spending time outside is uplifting.

I had more good days this week than I have had in a very long time.  On these good days, I meditated in the morning, practiced yoga, was productive with my work, but not obsessive, went for a run and on the best days a swim, ate good food, spent time in the garden, meditated and / or read before bed.

Yesterday was a day when my sadness started to return, but I was able to pin down the contributors.  I skipped yoga, worked all day long at my desk, was brought down by the dark and heavy energy around me, did not go out in the garden, and decided to take a rest day rather than go for a run.

Thankfully, my partner and I decided to go for a walk up and down our road and it was exactly what we both needed.  The sunset was absolutely gorgeous and on our way back we met more of our neighbors.  She was so kind and welcoming and she was the very first resident of our neighborhood which is a huge community.

One of my favorite things about purchasing a property or house is learning about the people who used to call the place home before I did.  We learned that Bob created this beautiful slice of paradise.  He was a character / craftsman who built both of the houses himself.  He also put a fish pond in the front yard and he fished from the window (which is something we are planning on doing.)

So the next time you feel down, take a stroll because it is good for your soul.

What do you do when you are stuck in a funk or feeling sad and depressed?  Comment below to share.

❤ Alana


5 thoughts on “A Short Stroll will comfort your Soul

  1. Hey – you live in such a paradise place!! And fishing from the window – how cool that will be
    And I disagree with number 1 on the list and can tell you two reasons why.
    Side note – this is the last time I leave a long comment on blog post – think I will email you if I have anything more than 100 words – just so we can clarify as needed.
    And just something to chew on – k? Just for educational purposes
    We actually are not better off when we let emotions flow and roll.
    We need to bring every thought captive and we also need to not believe everything we think!
    And if we do not bring a down or sad mood in check – a drip can turn into a faucet and then it flows and flows.
    1) the brain has neural pathways that get worn in from habitual thinking and so letting sadness run its course can lead to a default brain path that makes someone more and more down
    The reverse is true – when we start gratitude habits in place of the negative or down affect – the default mode of emotions can become a more amiable mood. Check out positive psychology research to support that
    2) facial hypothesis theory (laird, 1971) was a theory put forth and has been confirmed avian and again by research and practical application – states that the face we put in can change our affect!
    So if you force a smile – your entire system (parasympathetic Ns) and brain and blood hormones are lifted (look it up)
    3) confidence postures have been shown to help chase away the blues
    So – arms up and hands clasped behind head
    Or stand tall hands on hips
    And even the warrior poses in yoga can boost hormones and help mood
    4) there are problems when folks avoid or detach too much – and there are many negative defense me mechanisms that people unconsciously use when pressure or in survival mode – and there is a positive defense mechanism where we intentionally learn how to detach – not for good – but for a time – so we can not let it eat our body and rob our joy and take our mood down! So healthy detaching means you find ways to keep the joy up and then address the issues ata designated time – takes practice but has helped many.
    5) the gut is our second brain and so if that is not healthy – the mood is down and immunity struggling!!
    There is support for toxic chemicals in a body leading to feeling off! Angry – sad – confused – withdrawn – can all come from an overloaded GI system!
    Some people gave more gunk in there and the body feels malaise because the system is burdened –
    6) sugar is bad bad bad
    And anyone who eats sugar daily only has so long to get away with it!
    It Messes with the mood
    It is a surge of dopamine and insulin response goes haywire and brain feels good for brief time while the immune system is arrested!
    It sounds too simple – how could sugar wreak
    Havoc? Well the human body was
    Not meant to eat it the way we do in our culture and it is a mood destroyer for many people – Bad bad bad–
    We need fats and oils and meats and veggies and spices
    And so check your pantry.
    My hubs calls these the unholy trinity cos they wreck health and mood
    1) sugar (I suggest use stevia people xylitol )
    2) industrial oils (Canola – vegetable and safflower – peanut oil )
    3) grains (it is a lie that they are good for us – no nutrients and hard on system and processed as sugar
    All bad for digestive system and brain
    In closing – don’t believe the lie that we need to let all emotions flow
    And check out the “venting too much” syndrome which can take us down – the mistake of thinking all suppression will lead to bad repression is an error that keeps people stuck – too much venting and not learning how to detach (for a time) can keep people weighed down

    1. Hello!
      Thank you so much for your feedback. Before I forget, my email address is:


      What I appreciate the most about your comment is how constructive and solution oriented it is. I think my “let it flow” idea was a bit of an outburst hoping to through something at the sadness hoping it would go away. What you have said makes a lot of sense and has given me a lot to think about.
      I have experienced myself that sadness can easily snowball out of control and I was beginning to wonder if I was just getting into the bad habit of feeling sad. It is as if it became a default / placeholder feeling when I didn’t know how to feel. Just this thought alone that sadness can become a habit I think will help me to be much more aware of. That is not a rut I want to fall into especially when life is full of so many blessings.
      What you have said about posture and confidence poses is so encouraging and supports my current yoga / meditation practice. Also confidence and self esteem are things I struggle with and would like to acquire more of. This also reminded me of practicing affirmations and prayer to be more positive.
      And finally, I need to break up with sugar. That one is a challenging one, but it is necessary.
      Thanks again for taking the time to read and respond to my post. I really appreciate you and hope you are enjoying this first day of October!

      ❤ Alana

      1. well I love ya so much my friend and appreciate your reply.
        and look forward to connecting via email later (and I have it now and I suggest you delete it from the comments just in case…)
        and the one comment I have is the sugar break top for me was the absolute toughest and if I did not “have” to for health (I had that intestinal infection that would not get better until I did walk away from sugar – but my process was slow going and it I finally got there – what helped was eating god meats with fats and oils – and my supplements – and I did just have key lime pie last week – first sugar in months – I followed it by some herbs – and was a little light headed at first – but savored every bite).
        anyhow, you might have stuff to work through and develop – and this is normal – and from what I see – you will have a lot of contented years ahead once you “open the boxes and work thorough this and that” = because you are teachable and you have an honest integrity type of thing.
        peace to you

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