Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project 2.0 Week #39


Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I am thankful that this week was less sad and a lot less depressing.  I feel like I have once again come out on the other side.  We started running last Saturday and I noticed that the steady state cardio has really helped to even out my mood.  I have started most mornings with meditation (even if it is just 3 minutes) every little big helps.

Business is thriving and last night I was finally able to get caught up with my reports for the 1st time in 3 weeks.  I also agreed to share the work and now my partner and I both process reports.  It was nice to know that I am capable of running the entire show on my own.  I did it for 6 months with only 2 days off, but it burned me out so I am glad that I let my pride step aside.  Now my work is enjoyable once again and feels less like a chore.

The last time I ran was on Thursday so it is definitely time for us to go again.  The weather has been hot and that is taking some getting used to.  Right now it is 88 degrees.  I have missed a couple of days of practicing yoga and I definitely feel the difference.  I will pick it up again sooner than later.

This whole week has honestly been stressful and our beautiful home has been tense, but it is not caused by my partner and I.  It is a complicated situation that we are in the process of resolving and once it is resolved I will tell you more about it.  Hopefully by next week’s weekly post this issue will be solved and our home will be peaceful once again.  Please send us positive vibes ❤  I have noticed that these challenges that we get faced with bring us closer together and they help us realize what a great team we are and how much we appreciate each other.

Here are my posts from this last week.  Check them out:

Don’t let me forget to mention all the beautifully wonderful things that happened this week!  We successfully completed start up school for our Harvester Market produce sharing phone application and we have created our own line of cats toys using 3D printed parts!  We also got avocados at 50 cents a piece (30 of them!)



“Don’t be afraid of your fears.  They are not there to scare you.  They are there to let you know that something is worth-it.”

  • Create a Bucket-list (my year truly begins in September.) I have finally started thinking about this and I am going to try to write out a list of adventures, goals, and accomplishments by the very end of this month.  Stay tuned for a blog post!
  • Make Time.  I made time for myself and my mind and it made all the difference.
  • Forget about the results.  This one is hard for me.  I have noticed that I get really competitive even against who I was yesterday.  This was really apparent when I went running.  I put so much pressure on myself to go longer and harder.  I need to forget about the results more often and fall in love with the process.
  • Live Passionately.  I am trying to shed the sadness and depression that keeps me from living passionately and becoming my best self!
  • Master a new technology.  This is in the works right now!

With only 2 days left in September, this is a good time to start looking ahead and thinking about my October goals.


“There has to be that zeal to do something new and surprise yourself and audiences.  You have to stay true to your craft, and that should never be sidelined.”

-Yami Gautam

  • Hone in Focus.
  • Examine True Rules.
  • Stimulate the mind in new ways.
  • Learn how to knit.  (I may need to replace this one with a different hobby since I live in the tropics)

This week it was honestly kind of hard for me to choose my weekly Be-YOU-tiful picture so I am including two!  LUCKY YOU!!!  Xoxo

The dome house is almost complete ❤
This was a day when we went for a run followed by a swim and I randomly felt beautiful unexpectedly ❤

As we step out of September and into October I want to remind every one of you to make sure that you do not allow your worries about the past or future to eclipse the gifts of the present.  I know that I do that to often.

How was your month of September and what are you looking forward to this October?!  Please comment below to share!

❤ Alana

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