Workout and Word of the Day #84

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

It has been awhile since I have done a workout and word of the day!  I have been a busy lady lately, but I am never too busy to begin anew at the start of a brand new month.  With October comes the 4th and final quarter of the year and I can hardly believe that we are already here!

I spent the month of September practicing yoga and starting a meditation practice again.  I also completed a 30 day ab challenge on a phone app and it was a nice way for me to get my workout in without a lot of pressure of having to create my own routine or plan.  Sometimes it is nice to workout without thinking too hard.  I went on long walks, swam in the ocean, and even started running last week.  Today felt like a great day to implement a little more structure into my workouts.

Today’s Workout is Yoga + Cardio:

Yoga For Travel | Yoga With Adriene

It has honestly been a stressful few weeks because we had a house guest who ended up being a really bad guest.  It felt like our home was filled with all kinds of negative energy.  This person did nothing but sleep, play video games, and scream obscenities while playing video games.  They were awful to interact with and frequently insulted and criticized us whenever we interacted.  It was hard to believe that this person was carrying on like this and I am relieved that they finally agreed to go home.  I managed to practice meditation, but missed a few days of yoga.  This yoga for travel was so refreshing and was exactly what I needed.

5 Minute Fat Attack

I knew that I wanted to get more of a workout in, but I was still unwilling to put a lot of thought into it so I decided to open up Cassey Ho’s monthly blogilates calendar.  This was a fun warm-up!

Hiit My Abs HARD!

This workout really made me work up a sweat!

Fat Burning Dance Workout to “Body Pop”

I have done this dance sequence with Cassey in the past and I enjoyed it more this time than any of the other times.  I think it was fun to just be silly, dance around, and not worry about what anybody thought.

Fun Indoor Cardio Workout

Pumped Up Cardio Warm-Up

It was kind of fun to end with what would usually be a warm-up.  I enjoyed the change of pace and knowing that I was just about done rather than just getting started.

Today’s Word of the Day is:

gumption– noun

  1. Initiative; aggressiveness; resourcefulness
  2. Courage; spunk; guts
  3. Common Sense; shrewdness

I have a feeling that I might have featured this word back in 2016 when I was taking my “Computer Science Foundations” program.  At that time my class and I were all reading “The Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”   by Robert Pirsig.    Gumption was a definite theme throughout that quarter of school.  That quarter was such a struggle since I was not a computer person and I found myself surrounded by knowledgeable nerds.  Back then I honestly hated it, but now I look back on those days so fondly.

I have spent the summer worried about figuring out “what happens next in my life.”  And now I am finally excited about this time in my life.  I want to embrace the journey and all that every day has to offer.

Thanks for joining me for another Workout and Word of the Day!  I will see you next time!

❤ Alana

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