Be-YOU-tifully You Project 2.0 Week #40


Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This week I got to experience the magic of a new month!  I enjoyed September, but it was full of growing pains and some extra sadness.  I felt like I was able to move past my sadness and depression this week and I am so thankful for that.

Our house guest went home last Tuesday and our place feels like home once again.  He had worked on projects with us in the past and he has an excellent work ethic, but it was hard to share space with this person because he was messy, loud, and always insulting us.  He would also play video games for 12 hours a day and scream curse words at the screen.  I wished that it would have worked out, but I think at the age of 20 he still has more growing up to do.  I was able to turn the back room into my office / yoga room and it is nice to have another bed for guests or just extra rest if necessary.  I realized that moving my work desk out of the bedroom does wonders for my quality of sleep.

I have practiced Yoga With Adriene every day this month and have been following Cassey Ho’s Blogilates calendar.  I have also started each day with a few minutes of meditation.  This has been doing wonders for my mood, posture, and overall sense of well-being.

Friday was the most exciting day of our week because Alleyjandra and Carl flew in from the main land!  We drove to Kona and arrived 2 hours early.  While we were waiting we got some Kona coffee at Kona Mountain Coffee.  It was my first time having Kona coffee right there in Kona.  I was so thrilled and relieved to be reunited with our cats!

Here are my blog posts from this past week.  Check them out:

I felt inspired to blog a lot this week and it was a wonderful feeling.  I held myself accountable by doing my workout and word of the day.


“There has to be that zeal to do something new and surprise yourself and audiences.  You have to stay true to your craft, and that should never be sidelined.”

-Yami Gautam

  • Hone in Focus.  I have been more focused on my goals in the form of creating a routine that works well for me.
  • Examine True Rules.  Yes, I have been trying not to get too overwhelmed by life’s big questions.
  • Stimulate the mind in new ways.  My new routine has given me a chance to do this and to stress less.
  • Learn how to knit.  I am thinking of taking on a more island friendly / warm weather hobby like sewing.  Maybe I will sew myself a sundress.  We shall see!
Here is my weekly Be-YOU-tiful pic in the new office / yoga room ❤

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me.  How was your week?  Share you highs and lows in the comments below.  I would love to chat and catch up with you!

❤ Alana

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