A Love For All Seasons

Last summer I was in Maine.   Last fall in my hometown in Washington State.  Winter and some spring in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Spring back in my home town.  Summer in Hawaii.  This fall in paradise…

This has been a year to remember.  It started last June when we made the decision to turn 30 in a new place.  I know I refer to last June often, but that was when the magic started.  My friend Diana adopted my dog Ruby and that set off a positive chain reaction.  We proceeded to put our 1st house on  the market and a few days later, the first family came to visit our home.  That family became the buyers and the new owner’s to our house.  From there we were free to explore the world!  This time around we decided to stay in the states (last time we ventured to New Zealand) we figured it would be easier to travel with our cats this way.

We drove down to Jacksonville, fl to visit our biohacker friends who were featured in  Netflix documentary series called Unnatural Selection.  This series talks about the major advances in gene editing including the use of Crispr and biohacking.  You can watch it on Netflix.

Initially, we thought that we might spend time in Florida to help the scientists set up their lab, but our airbnb happened to be in a ghetto area in Jacksonville and we decided that it was not the place for us.  Looking back, we probably should have visited the beach first.

From there we drove north for 2 days until we arrived in Portland, Maine.  I enjoyed spending the summer in Maine where I worked at the Maine Cryospa and started working out and exploring my world.  Maine was a beautifully charming place and I quickly grew accustomed to enjoying New England favorites like Salted Maple crackers and lobstah rolls.  I also made some new friends and am glad that I turned 30 in Maine.

Shortly after turning 30, we bought a house in cash in a beautiful Acadian Town in Northern Maine.  I call this house the dollhouse.  It is so charming.

I only got to spend a night and a day in the house before heading back to my hometown in the Pacific Northwest for a quarter of school.  It was perfect timing because I was feeling homesick by this point.  It would be the 3rd time that my partner and I did long distance so I knew that we could handle 10 weeks of being apart.

I treasured this time with my family and friends and used it as an opportunity to focus on my studies, my health, and to grow as a person.  I had a fair share of health issues and lots of stress, but was able to get through it.

I spent the beginning of Winter still in my home town and then decided to go to a sunnier place.  This place was Scottsdale, Arizona.

Scottsdale was a cleansing place for my soul.  The hot desert heat was exactly what I needed and felt like a perfect escape for the cold winter.

When spring came around we headed back to our home town for about 3 weeks.

Spring is my favorite season to spend in my home town.  I enjoyed catching up with my dearest friends and family and was glad to have this time to prepare for our next major move.

This summer has been spent in our new home in Hawaii and I absolutely love it.

I know that I refer to these memories often and if you have been following me for awhile you have probably even seen some of these photos.  I talk about this year often because this is the year that I decided to let go of my fears and embrace my life.

It feels good to know that I have spent each season in a new place and got to experience that place at the peak of its season.  Here’s to many more beautiful memories!

❤ Alana

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