Every Day I Am Finding My Way

Some days are sunny.

Feeling Strong

And some days are grey…

Where heaven meets the ocean

Every day I am finding my way.

7 thoughts on “Every Day I Am Finding My Way

      1. I most certainly am, although I have had a roller coaster ride for the past month! It finally ended, but taught me a lot.

        A hard anniversary is coming up in three weeks and I have been planning my self care day. I’m hoping there are still some fall leaves on 7 November! I want to take photos with them on that day.

        ❤ Jessica

      2. Hi Jessica!
        I am glad to hear that you made it through your roller coaster ride. It can be stressful to go through those times, but it sounds like you were able to make the best of those ups and downs.

        I will keep you in my thoughts as you go through this anniversary time. It is good that you are planning ahead and going into it with a plan to take good care of yourself. That is the best thing you can do ❤ I love that you are going to take some fall pictures on that day. Sending you big *hugs*

      3. Thank you! Halloween is usually my holiday, but I’ve been so busy prepping for my self care day that I totally didn’t prep for Halloween! That’s okay.

        The roller coaster ride made it to the happiness box,as did some foibles of myself that I can laugh at too. Laughter is the best medicine. It’s been one heck of a year!

      4. Yes! Laughter really is the best medicine! You still have some time to prep for Halloween 🙂 It is a great sign that you have been focused on selfcare.

        I cannot believe that we are already approaching the end of October. 2019 sure is flying by! No complaints though 🙂

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