Fitness Blender Challenge Day 5/5! Workout # 102

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I made it through the entire 5 day Fitness Blender challenge and it feels good to know that I stuck with it.  I know that 5 days is not very long, but this accomplishment is significant to me because there were a few days when I felt completely drained and unmotivated.  In the past, I have decided to rest on those days, but this time around I made it a point to exercise my willpower and it worked!

Workout of the Day: Hiit + Lower Body Workout 5/5 + Yoga

Yoga for Zombies:

I appreciate the fact that my yoga videos have been significantly shorter this week.  My workouts have been so strenuous that longer yoga practices might have been a little mentally taxing and discouraging.  It all worked out nicely.

Word of the Day:

amaranthine– adjective

  1. Not fading or dying.

Did you join me for this fitness blender challenge or have you ever done a fitness blender workout before?  I remember I discovered their videos a few years ago when I was looking for at home workouts on youtube.  I really appreciate the variety that they offer and the fact that all of their videos are free.  Back then it was a monumental struggle for me to get through their workouts and I seldom returned.  I feel like I have rediscovered my motivation and have a newfound love for fitness blender workouts.  I appreciate how upbeat and positive they are and I also really like the fact that they do not sell or push supplements or products.

I do not mean any disrespect to people who utilize supplements and products.  In fact, I have used my share of supplements and vitamins too.  This time around, I have just been more focused on healing my body and trying to do things more naturally and in a budget friendly manner.

I have decided that I am going to do Fitness Blender’s 8 week Fitness program starting on Monday.  That will give me some time to recover and get mentally and physically prepared.  I like the fact that the 8 week program will take me all the way to the end of December.  It will be a great way to end the year powerfully.

It was a bit of a dilemma for me because there is a brand new gym and shopping center opening up near my neighborhood.  The thought of joining a brand new gym sounds exciting, but I decided that the sound of saving money and workout out from home sounds even better.  I have made progress with driving and being more independent, but I still limit my driving times to happen during the day and I try not to be out after dark.  Also, the fact that I have only made it to a zumba class once that takes place less than 2 minutes away from me is a fact that I am not ready to branch out and join a gym YET.  That could change in the future though.

I hope you are enjoying your week.  Thank you for stopping by!

❤ Alana

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