Do you ever feel restless?…

Do you ever feel restless?

Right now I feel restless and I don’t know exactly why.  I feel like I could and should do more, but I have accomplished a lot today already.  I slept in this morning and maybe that’s why I feel like the day escaped me.  I brewed a nice hot cup of Kona coffee and spent a few hours working.  It was a productive morning.

We took out the trash then went to Ace Hardware to get some screws for the latest and greatest tiny home design (stay tuned for it!) From there were went to the Farmer’s Market that was taking place across the street.  At the first stand we went to they were going to charge us $5 for 3 bell peppers (Which honestly isn’t too bad) but then we decided to go back to the lady we bought produce from last month and she hooked us up!  We got a giant bag of fresh produce for just $20 and that included 4 bell peppers too!

Persimmons, cubed pumpkin, stir-fry mix, white ginger, garlic, and bell peppers for $20

Getting deals like this are especially exciting because the grocery stores are expensive here in Hawaii.  This would easily cost a lot more at the store.

I made a deliciously massive veggie stir fry and it gave me lots of energy to do my workout.  Maybe that is why I feel like I could still do a lot more.  I am on Day #3 of my 8 week fitness program and so far it is going well.  I am enjoying the variety and challenging myself everyday.

Alleyjandra likes to hang out with me while I do my workouts and practice yoga.  She makes sure that I am using proper form:

It was a fun upper body workout and afterwards we let one of the kittens go outside for the very first time.  We adopted Meowloree Mayweather and King Puffleton here in Hawaii and wanted them to be able to go outside.  I could tell that she enjoyed every moment of it.

I looked online to see if any good movies are showing at the theatre, but I think that I might be too restless to sit still for that long so we better do movie night on another day when I am a little more relaxed.  I just remembered that I had a 2nd cup of coffee with my lunch right before my workout.  That must be contributing to my restlessness.  I will take note and probably not do that in the future.  Lol.

I could do some work and process more reports and also work on my report so this is not from being bored.  But I honestly do not feel like sitting at the computer.  I just put away my clean laundry and that feels good.  Even sitting and reading does not feel very enticing with this restlessness.  I wish that I could go for a walk, but our neighborhood does not have any streetlights so it is not very friendly for walking at night.

I think I need a hobby.  Maybe an instrument or I should try my hand at drawing or some art form.

What are you up to tonight?

❤ Alana

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