Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project 2.0 Week #45


Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This was a blurry week, but I do know that my heart is full of joy and life keeps getting better everyday.  This week is already escaping me and as you can see we are already halfway through (since it is Wednesday.)  I decided that it is now or never otherwise I will have to combine 2 weeks together and I didn’t want to do that.

2 super exciting things have happened to me this week.  Want to take a guess, maybe two?  I will give you 2 clues in a few, but first, think about what you know about me a take a shot in the dark…

  1. I am obsessed with cats and kittens and animals.
  2. I love my sister.  She is my best friend and we always go on the grandest adventures.

Well, this week a stray kitten adopted me.  We heard it crying in the bushes on Friday night.  I offered it food and it cautiously moved towards me then let me pet it.  We let the 4 other kitties into the lanai so that this cat would know that other cats live here.  They all decided to hang out together for about an hour then right before we went to bed we offered the kitten the option of coming inside and it decided to come inside.


This kitten was so sweet and super affectionate.  The other two Hawaii kittens got along with it great, but Alleyjandra and Carl were territorial.  The kitten looks like a grey fox and is so tame and sweet.  We tried looking for the owner, but the people who responded said that their cat was a female and this kitten is a male.  My neighbors / renters fell in love with the kitten and said they would take it if it could be an outdoor cat so on Saturday morning we said that they could take it to their house, but it ran away only 5 minutes after they brought it there.

They spent all day trying to find it and coax it out of the bushes.  I decided to go shopping on Saturday evening and by the time I got home the kitten was returned.  I had fun shopping.  I thought that I was just going to get some staples like paper towels, soap, toilet paper, and kitty litter, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc, but I also finally got myself 2 pairs of nice sandals.  I went to The Walking Company and they helped me find a pair of super comfortable and cute sandals that I could also hike in.  An added surprise was that I was able to get a pair of water sandals too on sale.  They were actually the pair that I was eyeing in the window and the fact that they had my size for just $50 felt unreal!  I really am enjoying island living.  The sales lady said that I seem like I blend in really well here too.

I have mentioned it before and I will say it again the manifestation game is powerful here.  Things have been working out so well and we have been getting everything that we have ever wanted and more!  It is a true blessing!

I need to backtrack real quick!  I almost forgot to mention that on Thursday before any of that happened with the kitten, the neighbors, and the epic shopping trip; I almost bought an acre of land. It was a beautiful piece of owner financed land that would be ideal for off-grid living.  The sellers offered what seemed like a great deal so we went to check it out on Friday morning.  I loved the drive out there and we got iced golden milks complete with chia seeds and grown up grilled cheese sandwiches from the cutest cafe (Honi Wai Cafe).

Before going to the cafe we attempted to find the property, but it was hard to find because the streets were not marked.  I am glad that we reattempted the search and were able to find it the 2nd time around.

It was a beautiful day for exploring!

We met with the sellers that evening to look at the contract and they agreed to rewrite the terms that we thought needed revision then after sleeping on it.  I changed my mind.  I would rather keep the cash and keep saving and put our resources into the land that we already own.  Looking back I have no regrets and I know that I made the right decision.

The neighbors came over on Saturday night after I returned from my shopping trip and we had a fun visit.  We all loved on that kitten and enjoyed each other’s company.

Isn’t he gorgeous?!  I named him Cheeba Grey Fox

Cheeba stayed with us all weekend and on Monday then yesterday the neighbors said they still wanted the kitten.  I was a little torn between us keeping him ourselves and having them adopt it.  I mean, look at how sweet he is!  I finally decided that it would be better for him to go with them because they only have 2 cats and we already have 4.  5 would probably be too many under one roof.  I also knew that they would take great care of him.  So Cassie took him home yesterday…

Then he ran away again?!?!

The other exciting thing that happened this morning is that my sister is going to come visit me this weekend and I am thrilled!!!

Here are my posts from this week.  Check them out:

I posted consistently this week which is another win!  This was also my Week #1/8 for the workout program that I am following.  I did every workout this week except the optional stretch on Saturday.  I do have to admit that my yoga practice has been very sporadic this week and my meditation sessions have been clipped short.  Hopefully soon I will adjust.


“When we treat people merely as they are, they will remain as they are.  When we treat them as if they were what they should be, they will become what they should be.”

-Thomas S. Morison

  • Use good manners.
  • Give positive reviews.
  • Offer a helping hand.
  • Honor and respect yourself.
  • Honor and respect others.

Overall, this was a fun and wonderful week.  I have also been super busy with work and business is great.  I am so looking forward to my sister’s visit.  She will be leaving on Friday, we will have all day Saturday to adventure, then she is heading home on Sunday.  I wish it could be much longer, but at least it is something!

Here is my weekly be-YOU-tiful pic!

How was your week?  Let’s do a mid-week check in, shall we?

❤ Alana

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