This is all that I can do for now…

I had elaborate plans to write my weekly post, but before writing that post I wanted to write about all the grand adventures we had with my sister this weekend.  I started writing it full speed ahead, but I had to start and stop many times since I have been catching up with work.

I took an entire day off from work on Saturday to spend time with my sister and I am glad that I did, but meanwhile, we made a lot of sales and my work piled up during the weekend.  I have been playing catch up these past two days and my back has paid the price.  I have also decided to take the weekends off from doing any official workouts since I am doing an 8 week program that keeps me busy the other 5 days of the week.  I want to continue to practice yoga during the weekend, but these past two weekends have been so hectic so taking Saturdays and Sundays off has happened naturally.

It has been really hard for me to slow down these days and my yoga practice has been less frequent, lately.  Also, meditation has been an absolute struggle.  This morning I could barely sit for just 5 minutes and yesterday I skipped it all together since we were so busy.  I guess that is why it is called a “meditation practice” it takes practice and patience.  I will not give up.

Today has been a very productive day work-wise and I did a killer hiit and lower body workout.  I started writing about my adventures, but I do not think that I can sit any longer because my back is killing me from being so sedentary.  I honestly felt awful over the weekend too, but I had to put my feelings on the back burner since my time with my sister was precious and short.

So right now, I am going to practice some yoga and then I will read a book and just chill with a nice cup of tea.  I already have a  candle lit, my bra off, and a stick of nag champa incense smokin’  Les Go!

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❤ Alana

10 thoughts on “This is all that I can do for now…

      1. Hi / glad it helped – and it is a desire of my heart to find a way to do yoga at home (and more workouts at home in general) I feel so dependent on classes and the reason it is not always good is the drive to and fro and packing up and unpacking and then sometimes things come up after to add delays – all good – but my goal is workout smarter not harder –
        Ya know -well of course you know because you rock at the self improvement goals!

      2. I definitely understand that choosing a home practice / workout can be a challenging transition especially compared to classes and working out at a gym.

        At the same time, like you said, it is a big time commitment to carve out the time to get there and return, but it is a great form of selfcare. Maybe try doing just 2 home workouts a week then the rest classes?

        I had withdrawals this winter when I moved and could no longer go to all the fun dance fitness and zumba classes at the gym I belonged to last fall. Then I adjusted going to the gym at my apartments and we moved to where we are right now (the closest gym is a 25 minute drive.) Now that we have more equipment my home workouts / yoga have been great.
        Aww thanks a bunch! Hope you are having a wonderful November. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is almost here!

        ❤ Alana

      3. Thanks for sharing that (and what we do is so much connected to habit and conditioning eh?) and my week is going pretty good – but do want the month to slow down a little –
        Happy Wednesday to ya!

      4. Yes, that is so true. Our habits create the ground work. I feel thankful that we have so many choices. Sometimes it seems stressful, but when I put it in perspective I realize it is a blessing to have so many opportunities.

        Happy Wednesday to you too! Do you have fun plans for Thanksgiving?

      5. So right that sometimes choices do make it stressful (and some get crippled with choice!)
        And the other day I was counting my blessings as I drove to class – like grateful to be alive kind of perspective – and love when that floods us.
        My hubs told me about a church xmas video he saw a few years ago.
        This man wakes up in his bed wrapped in xmas wrapping paper – peels out and says “I am alive” – then slowly his wife is seen – also in wrapping paper and she does the same thing – unwraps and says “I’m alive”
        Then the kids unwrap and the parents say and “we have kids” and the son hands the dad a briefcase (also wrapped) and the guy says “i have a job!” “Yes/ I have a job” and he goes to his car – also wrapped and he says “I have a car! Woo hoo”
        Well all that to remind us that we have so much to be grateful for in the posh life we take for granted !!
        And no big plans for thanksgiving – all of our family lives in other states and about 13 years ago we made the hard commitment to not travel anymore for the holidays – (nightmare stories from trips and it is just miserable time and pricey) so
        Maybe two of three times since then we have traveled but we stay local and it changes every year. One year hubs and I hosted a small group of misfits (ha) and last year we went to our friends (Jason and Jody) and they had like 40 people and did it so well.
        But this year – still deciding – what about you?

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