So Many Adventures So Little Time

Last week was full of surprises and this weekend was full of adventures.  A stray kitten adopted me and we were able to give it a wonderful home with our neighbors.  Last Wednesday my sister surprised me and said that she would take me up on my offer to fly her to Hawaii for the weekend.

Being 2 hours behind in time-zones, it was the best news for me to wake up to.  Since she would be done with work on Thursday night, but would have to teach swimming lessons on Monday evening; we got her a ticket that would fly her to Kona on Friday night then back to Seattle on Sunday morning.  I was thrilled, excited, and also overwhelmed trying to figure out a way to convince her to extend her stay a little longer.

I appreciated the fact that her flight would arrive in the late evening.  It gave me time to finish my work and get my workout in.  We also got to make the road trip at a leisurely pace which was nice for a change.  The itinerary said that she would arrive at 8:18, but it turned out that she would not arrive until nearly 10 pm so we were much earlier than we expected.  We went to Target where I found her a pair of matching pajama pants that matched my new favorite pair.  If you are in the market for a new pair of pajama pants try to get a pair of these pj’s because they are incredibly soft and you will not regret it!

I was so thrilled when we finally got to pick her up from the airport.  The drive back felt long, but it was a beautiful starry night.  We also made it to the KTA Market before it closed where we shivered (because they had the AC on) and we scurried to collect veggies, fresh tuna, an assortment of Hawaiian mushrooms, blackberry sparkling water (that tasted like popsicles without the sugar), and cheese and crackers.  The night was a little bit of a blurr because we were all so tired, but we had fun sipping tea, eating an assortment of tropical fruits, and catching up.  I could hardly sleep on Friday night because I was so happy that she was here and anxious about the fact that she would be leaving so soon.

The next morning we went to get some iced coffees and breakfast and we got to chat on the way back.  I was starting to get a headache, but I tried not to let it bother me.  When we got home I gave her a tour of our property.

We drove down to Maku’u Point, but it was packed and there was a lady who was letting her dogs wander around so we decided to find another spot to explore.  We were not disappointed with the trail that we found.

On our way back, we stopped at a garage sale and were offered an old ice cream truck.  My sister and I have been talking about running our own food truck since last fall.  What were the odds?!  This place is full of surprises.

At home, we shared a Greek Falafel Salad while our catchment got filled by the water truck.  Once our catchment was full we decide to head to the ocean for a swim!  On our way to the beach my headache continued to torment me.  I was getting a migraine, but I was determined not to let my head ruin our visit.  We were going to have grand adventures, damn it!  It also started to downpour on our way there.  Go figure, right?  We have had about 4 weeks of solid sunshine and drought weather, but it rains the day my sister arrives.  It’s okay we went with the flow!  We drove around coconut island since it was pouring then we headed to Richardson’s which is our favorite place to swim.  The water was warm and there were a bunch of colorful fish swimming with us.  It felt like old times, but a million times better swimming with my sister.  We really were in paradise.  The saltwater also helped to relieve the tension and pressure in my head.

We made it to the beach!
My sister and I had a blast swimming in the ocean
There was a rainbow over the water
I wish she could stay forever ❤

After our ocean swim, we drove through downtown Hilo then up to Rainbow Falls .   We were pleasantly surprised by the fact that there was parking and the rain had taken a break.  The 1st time my partner and I visited Rainbow falls, we had to wait for parking and it was raining cats and dogs so we did not hike the steps above the falls.  It was nice that we got to explore more this time around.

We made it to Rainbow Falls on a clearer day!
Rainbow Falls sans rainbow
Cheezin’ with the falls
This one is dedicated to my sis and her love of mushies
The top of the falls


Once again, we saw Rainbow Falls without the rainbow.  I read that it is necessary to go in the morning to see the actual rainbow so one of these days we shall do just that.  My sister will have to come back for another visit.

From there we drove just a few more minutes to visit the Boiling Pots.  This was another place I have been wanting to visit for awhile.  We found the lookout, but next time we will do further exploration.

Boiling Pots
Another Beautiful View
My butt was soaked by this point because I was still wearing my wet swimming suit under the dress

After Boiling Pots we were on a mission to find some food.  We talked about heading North and taking the scenic route to Honokaa and taking that breathtakingly gorgeous drive along the Hamauka coast, but we decided it would be best to just find food locally since we were all famished by this point.  

We finally made it to “Pineapples” which I have been wanting to try since my birthday, but I sadly found out that they were closed on Mondays and we never made it back that way.  We found parking and had dinner at Pineapples.  I wanted to treat my sister to a drink for her 21st Birthday, but she sadly forgot her id…  I was thrilled to finally try the Pineapple Pow which was delicious and so refreshing.

Pineapples is basically an outdoor restaurant
the view from our seat
Lots of pineapples
Pineapple Pow!
Happy 21st Birthday Sis!

I was still feeling fairly yucky at this point, but I figured that a drink in a pineapple couldn’t do anymore harm and I was glad that I took the plunge.  My partner and I both ordered hot wings.  I figured it was the responsible thing to do…  High protein and off the appetizer menu since I had already splurged on a cocktail.  My sister got the lava burger with mac salad and it looked amazing with extra ZINGG!

Isn’t she lovely?
Lava Burger
Wings ‘n Things

Of course no Hawaii visit is complete without picking your own fruit!  Luckily we could indulge in our very own front yard.  My sister got to pick some lilkoi (passion fruit.)

I almost signed off right here, but I just remembered that we had some Saturday night adventures and even more Sunday morning adventures too so let’s just keep going, shall we?  That night we chilled, ate tropical fruit, talked, and watched “The Walking Dead” before heading off to bed.

I was sad when Sunday morning arrived because I wanted my sister to stay longer, but she wanted to maintain her plans to return home on Sunday so she could spend some time with her boyfriend before starting the week.  It was also the responsible adult thing to do since she had work on Monday evening.

We drove to Pahoa Village for Dirty Chai Latte’s at the Sirius Coffee Cafe then got to take my sister to the Sunday Maku’u Market.  I wanted to give her a nice sampling of all the the amazing local activities.  On our way home we decided to try Maku’u Point one more time and I am so glad that we did.  It was absolutely gorgeous like always and it was a nice place for my sister to reflect and say “until next time.”

I am so thankful that I got to go on these adventures and make these beautiful memories with my sister. It was our first time in Hawaii together and I will always remember these wonderful adventures.

Thank you for coming to Hawaii to visit me, Sis.  Come back soon anytime!

❤ Alana

P.S.  We could even open our own food truck too if you wanted to.

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