Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project 2.0 Week #46


Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This may be a sign that I need to switch my weekly check-ins to Wednesdays rather than Sunday or Monday.  This is the 2nd week in a row that I am writing my weekly post on a Wednesday and I was almost tempted to just lump two weeks together since we are so close to the end of this week.  Luckily, I happen to have a candle lit and half a glass of red wine left.  I have done everything I need to do and the lights are low.  I just finished practicing yoga and now I can spend the rest of the night doing what I want to.  This almost sounds romantic, doesn’t it?  Yes, let’s call this a mid-week date!  Besides, we are quickly approaching the end of 2019 and who knows, I may end up shifting back to writing my weekly on Sundays, but until then we will just enjoy the ride!

Last week we left off with me preparing for my sister’s visit.  Her visit was full of adventures from start to finish and I was sad when she had to head home so soon.  Hopefully next time she will stay longer and bring her boyfriend along too so that she will not miss him so much and the more the merrier, right?

I completed a 2nd week of my 8 week workout program and I am loving the way that I feel.  Even though my days are busy with work and other activities, I make it a point to get my workout in.  This feels so good because I know that I am making my health a priority and am taking time for me.  This Monday – Friday schedule also works out well because I can relax during the weekend and I don’t have to worry about carving out time.  I do think that I am going to start practicing yoga on the weekends because I have noticed that these past two weeks I ended up feeling very stiff and my lower back bothered me.  I am thankful for the fact that our bodies respond so well to movement and activity.

In the future, I am definitely going to highly recommend that my guests fly into the Hilo airport because it is so much closer.  This is the second time this has happened.  My friend Tsuneko flew into Kona and so did my sister.  That airport has more affordable flights because they happen more frequently, but I am beginning to think that paying a little more is worth saving time that would be spent trekking across the island.

I have no complaints my sister’s visit was epic (like they usually are) we got to swim in the ocean, visit rainbow falls, boiling pots, eat at pineapples, go to the Sunday market, pick fresh fruit, and spend time reflecting at Maku’u point.  I have written a very detailed account of our adventures so if you would like to read more please visit my link in this weeks posts.

Here are a few of my favorite snapshots from this weekend’s adventures:


My partner and I started building another iteration of our tiny home design.  This time around we are building an A-frame.  This was actually my idea back in 2015 before we ever started building structures, but we decided to start with yurts, then we spent over a year on domes, and now we have finally come back around to A-frames!  It has been quite the evolution and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes.  The nice thing about being a nerd is the fact that failure is never a bad thing in fact it is encouraged.  Failure gives us valuable information.

This is how I know for a fact that I have grown.  Because my fear of failure was always paralyzing and now I don’t cower from it.

Additionally, my career is blossoming.  Just yesterday we partnered up with our biggest competitors and we have been refining the system and automating the automator (me) this will free up more of my time to pursue my goals and dreams.  Another exciting thing is in the works, but that is a surprise that I will talk about later if we decide to move forward with it.  Stay tuned!

Here are my posts from this week check them out:

I am pleased with my blogging activity this week and I am so thankful that I have all of you to hold me accountable with my workout and word of the day.  I have been feeling so inspired and I am loving it.  I have rediscovered my love for reading.  It has probably been nearly a decade since I have really truly sunk my teeth into some juicy fiction and literature.  I spent so much time skimming self help books then having to read text books and technical material for school.  It has felt like such a luxury to relax and read and I have been staying up late curled up with a book and a kitten or 2, or 3, or sometimes all 4…


“When we treat people merely as they are, they will remain as they are.  When we treat them as if they were what they should be, they will become what they should be.”

-Thomas S. Morison

  • Use good manners.
  • Give positive reviews.
  • Offer a helping hand.
  • Honor and respect yourself.
  • Honor and respect others.

I have been doing better than ever at respecting myself and others.  This week I graciously said no to someone that I usually would do anything and everything to help, but I knew that it would be a strain since this week is very hectic and I did not want to pile my plate of responsibilities too high.  They understood and it felt good.  I also stood up for myself and it was nice to find out that the truth was much better than some fabricated tale that was unjustly passed and whispered around.  I have also been standing up for myself and giving enough time to my priorities rather than putting myself last.  I would say that it is about time and it really is rejuvenating!

Here is my weekly be-YOU-tiful pic ❤

How is your week going?  Do you have special plans for Thanksgiving?  Please comment below to share!

❤ Alana


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