Workout and Word of the Day #118 FB Day #19

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I felt strong throughout today’s workout and it was a wonderful feeling.  This was the last workout of the 3rd week of my 8 week program and I am so glad that I decided to closely follow a program.  I had reached a point where I was craving more structure and guidance, but I wanted it in the comfort of my home.

The structure is nice because I remind myself that I am capable.  I am capable on those days that I am vibrant and full of energy and I am still capable on those days when my spirit feels dim and my energy is drained.  I am learning that all days are not created equally and that is okay.  I do not have to be my upbeat and super motivated self all the time, but it is important for me to still do something on  those days when I am feeling less than.  In fact, it is more important because doing something on those days when I don’t feel like doing anything, uplifts me.  Consistency really is key.

Today’s Workout: Strength, Hiit, and Pilates for Lower Body + Yoga

I enjoy the days when I have just one video to do.

Kundalini Yoga Challenge Day #4/40: Lower Spine & Elimination

This was a very invigorating practice.  I was alarmed later in the day because I have noticed a small lump on the side of my neck.  My mind always wanders off to the worst case scenario, but I am just going to keep an eye on it.  Hopefully it is just tension or a lymph node and it will go away later.  I know that stressing about it will not make me better and if it gets worst I will get checked.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Today’s Word of the Day is:


  1. To cast off or reject (someone such as a lover) capriciously or unfeelingly.

Thank you for joining me for another workout and word of the day!  For the past two weeks I have taken the entire weekend off from both workouts and yoga, but this weekend I am going to try something new.  I am going to at least practice yoga and maybe something else because I noticed that I had some pain and stiffness the past two weeks without the activity so movement may be the answer.

I hope you will have a wonderful weekend!

❤ Alana

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