Time For a Sunday Power Clean (“I am not your queen I’m a dictator”)

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“Let’s power clean!”

This was a phrase that was coined by my new roommates Angela and Chris back in 2013.  Back then I was not the tidiest person.  My space and my life seemed to be completely jumbled as I struggled to cling to memories of the past.  It was the same big move that happened the fall when my mom dropped off 25 years of my life in boxes at my new place.  Thank goodness these roomies were chill and understanding, but I still cringe a little when I think back to this time in my life.

To “power clean” was to crank up the music and get to work on whatever had to be done.  Someone would vacuum, another would tackle the dishes, take out the trash, clean the common area / bathroom,  you get the idea.  Power cleaning worked out beautifully whenever we decided to work it, but as my life became more chaotic, those precious power clean sessions became more rare.

Shortly after I had moved in I started commuting to Federal Way for work ever evening M-F while also working my front desk job M/W/F (I was the opening shift which started at 4:30 ish), and teaching private swimming lessons after my opening shift around the lunch hour.  Then my car broke down in the spring time and I had to add taking the bus into the mix and that absorbed nearly my entire life…

Power cleans became nearly non-existent along with my sanity, but somehow I made it through.  2013-early 2014 were definitely my super struggle bus years, but I am thankful for the people who were there for me to cheer me on and lend a helping hand and listening ear.

Then after the ground got pulled from beneath me I started to climb out of the deep dark tunnel.  I was offered a full-time job at one place rather than 5 different positions at 4 different locations.  I was still taking the bus, but it felt a little less overwhelming although I still frequently cried myself to sleep.

Then in June of 2014 I found a place to live that was much closer to my work and more affordable.  It was exactly what I needed.  I lived with K Ly and she taught me about cleanliness.   Bless her soul she must have had serious landlord’s remorse as my friends helped me move in and she saw an endless conga line of boxes and random stuff.  More clothes stuffed into my closet and drawers than I needed, but she smiled patiently and I am thankful that we managed.  K Ly will always be the cleanest woman I know.  I was happy to see that she was so stylish and loved bright colors.  I still aspire to be more like her.

I was still a hot mess in those days (summer of 2014), but living with a lady who had her life together helped me to get my life together too.  I got a car that summer, a promotion, and an exciting Head Swimming coach position.  It felt so good to get my life together and I think that cleanliness helped me to streamline my life and work towards my goals.  That was the beginning of living more with less for me even though I still had too much.

In Fall of 2016, K Ly agreed to watch our house and send us our mail while we were in New Zealand and she said that she was impressed with how much I had gotten rid of.  It felt like a true compliment.

And last fall in 2018, I had the pleasure of staying with her in my old room while I took a 10 week program on campus…  It was kind of a trip to return to this space and remember who I was.  I was much more polished and I carried a lot less with me.

“As a result, my life was lighter brighter, and much better than it had been before.”

As I sit here, sipping on my ginger, turmeric, peppermint tea, I feel inspired to crank up the music and do a power clean.  Here goes!

Also, to kick off this power clean here is my favorite jam these days.  Lot’s of sass:

❤ Alana

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