Workout and Word of the Day #119

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I thought that I was going to take a rest day.  I worked hard all week long and even spent an hour mowing the lawn in the pouring down rain.  It made me feel like a little kid as I felt the warm rain on my skin sloshing through those mud puddles.  By the time I finished, I was soaked to the bone and I wasn’t even upset by it.  I needed to get rained on.

It was a relaxing day in.  We have been automating the business and coming out with 2.0 versions which is exciting.  The rainy weather and the fact that we have a spare on until our new set of tires arrives, made it easy to stay in and enjoy being homebodies.  By the time it was dark, I felt inspired to move my body.  I didn’t want to do just a typical yoga practice so I decided to take another stroll down memory lane…

Workout of the Day:  Jane Fonda’s New Workout + Yoga

Jane Fonda’s New Workout:

This brought me back to my childhood…  Of course, being born in 1988 I don’t remember the 80’s and I didn’t start working out with my mom until the 90’s.  She probably had Jane Fonda’s entire VHS collection.  Last night, I had following this video and I pretty much remembered the entire routine by heart.  I used to wake up early in the morning and do  this exact video.  It was fun to revisit it as a grown adult.

Kundalini Yoga Challenge Day #5/40: Beat the cravings

This was especially fitting because all of a sudden I felt like I was craving ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.  I wanted oatmeal raisin cookies, mashed potatoes and turkey, pizza, ice cream, Pumpkin pie, pho, cheesecake.  I think seeing all of the holiday food and faire has backfired on me.  I was able to settle into this practice and be more mindful of myself.

This practice was strenuous urging me to push my edges a little further than I thought possible.  Afterwards, I felt less frantically ravenous.  My partner offered to go with me to get whatever I wanted, but I decided to eat my salad and later on have one glass of cabernet as I read my book.  I am glad I decided to do this rather than go out and gobble everything in sight.

Some would say ’tis the season, but I think that is not a good enough reason to abandon my goals.

Today’s Word of the Day is:

gardyloo– interjection

  1. Used in Edinburgh as a warning cry when it was customary to throw slops from the windows into the streets.

This is my 1st interjection and I like it!  It creates a very “Beauty and the Beast esque” imagery.


What are your plans for this beautiful Sunday afternoon?  I think that I will take some time to tidy my home.  I have been so busy working that household chores have been minimal.  The place is clean, but it could be more organized and more tidy.

Comment below to share your plans!

❤ Alana

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