Workout and Word of the Day #122

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This is the workout that I wanted to do the least.  Yesterday my motivation had dipped below zero and I just wanted to hide in bed and disappear.  I was going to just call it a rest day, but I could tell that I was in a self-imposed rut and I decided to push myself a little.

I am glad that I decided to come out of hiding and do my workout for the day.  There are times when rest really is necessary and then there is a time to challenge yourself to do what you do not feel like doing.  Yesterday was one of those days for me and I surprised myself with a great workout.  In fact, I felt so much better afterwards.

Workout of the Day: Hiit Cardio + Abs + Yoga

I think this might be one of my favorite hiit workouts.  It is a nice blend of hiit and core workouts in between.

Kundalini Yoga Day #8/40 Balance the Glands:

It was hard for me to slow down and I felt restless.  The meditation segment felt elongated and it was probably exactly what I needed.  Afterwards I felt refreshed and glad that I took the time to breathe deeply and slow down.

Word of the Day:

comestible– adjective

  1. Edible.

Thank you for joining me for another workout and word of the day.  I hope you are enjoying the holiday and the extra long weekend.  Do you have workout or shopping plans for tomorrow?  If so, comment below!

❤ Alana

2 thoughts on “Workout and Word of the Day #122

  1. I know that feeling all too well…. you don’t want to do anything, and when you push yourself to work out, it just feels amazing. That is one of the best feelings in the world and it seems to get me out of a rut too.

    Tomorrow morning I might have to try this video you showed as a post Thanksgiving work out. Since I had to go gluten-free, I don’t eat as much during the holidays since I am limited. I’m full, but not over full and it’s a good feeling. I think tonight I will try doing some sit ups before bed.

    Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving, dear friend.

    ❤ Jessica

    1. 🙂 I am so thankful that there are healthy ways to get out of these ruts. I know in the past I would have soothed with more food.

      I hope you will enjoy the video. It is one of my favorite hiit workouts. Great job on not overeating during this holiday. That can be challenging for most people.

      I hope you will rest well tonight.

      ❤ Alana

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