Good Morning World

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Good Morning World!

I was up 2 hours ago and it occurred to me that this is the earliest I have risen since we moved to Hawaii in June.  I don’t think that I slept very much last night and when my cat Carl posted himself above my head and would not stop running his claws through my hair (gingerly of course) I decided that I might as well wake up…  Because why not?

I have had a weird sleep schedule at least since Thanksgiving.  Thankfully it has not negatively impacted my day to day life since I work from home.  At the same time, I have been wanting to improve my sleep and to wake up earlier in the morning.  It is one of my goals for the month of December because I think I will be more productive if I get an earlier start.

The very 1st thing I did this morning was sit at my computer and try to log in to my sales dashboard, but the internet was down.  I spent some time trying to troubleshoot the issue to no avail so I did the next best thing.  I drank a cup of water (which I honestly have not been doing enough.) I kind of miss my college days when I had nothing better to do than walk around everywhere with a nalgene or some kind of water vessel.  I stayed hydrated and always had an excuse to get up in the middle of class (hello pee breaks.)

I honestly thought that I would find endless pictures of my various water receptacles (because Imma nerd like that) but I guess I saved all of those pics for my insta.  Just know that they do exist somewhere out there.  I did see that I have had an affinity for coffee and tea.

So yes, back to this morning…  I drank a cup of water then brewed a cup of matcha tea.  Rolled out my mat and did a morning yoga flow (to my offline spotify playlist.) After that I meditated then danced around awkwardly because I am out of practice.  I lit a candle and got to watch the sunrise from my window as I spent some time writing morning pages (which I have not done in forever.) After writing a few pages and moving my grey grey cat Meowloree from my journal at least half a dozen times, my partner emerged and helped me reset the internet.  And now here we are we are back in business!

I am glad everything happened the way it did this morning.  If the internet had worked when I woke up it probably would have felt like just another day with an earlier start, but today was different.  I was able to go through an actual morning routine and take some quality time for myself.  I am going to have to do this more often because I feel so inspired and energized.

I live in one of the “most behind” time zones and I just realized that it is already the afternoon for some people on the east coast.  Wherever you are, I hope you are having an amazing day today!

❤ Alana

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