Some of that December Magic (storytime)

One day you were just minding your own business…

It was a sunny morning in March and the guy you were seeing at the time made a comment about how he would probably always want to be with a thinner girl.  The worst part is he had the nerve to make that comment while you were doing dishes at his apartment.  Honestly, you could do about a million times better, but you continued to see him because it felt like he saw you when your confidence was non-existent and self-esteem so low.

So you went to the local Border’s bookstore and collected a stack of books which included a food journal, a clean eating cookbook, and the book “Skinny Bitch” because your friend Lyndsie said, “you don’t need his shit girl, let’s start a book club and get fit!” At check out you noticed the sparkle in the eyes of the cashier clerk and you made pleasant small talk about the weather and felt your heart beat a little heavier.  As you walked out of Borders, the sunshine illuminated your hair and your heart felt light.  You started thinking about how “if you were single” that would be the kind of guy you could totally hang out with…

Then fast forward to the month of June.  You stuck with the book club on your own because almost everyday was a “cheat day” for Lyndsie and she wanted to meet over Starbucks or Mexican.  You did away with the whole cheat day concept and at that point you were feelin’ fine.  But for some reason you continued to stick around the jerk off and on since you ran in the same circle.  You both took Aikido and it was nice to have a partner to practice with.  On that sunny June day it was an Aikido ranking test and you got to spend the day with your favorite people.

After the ranking test you were on cloud 9 and rockin’ the braids like it was nobody’s business.


After the test you meet the jerk and his apartment and you both hang out with his friend Tamen who lives in the same complex just across the grass.  They both talk about how Tamen’s roommate Monty is almost done with work and is going to hang out.  You had heard them mention Monty a bunch of times, but had yet to meet the dude (you thought.)

When he walked through the door you knew exactly who he was and didn’t even have to do a double take.  It was the boy at the bookstore with the sparkle in his eyes.  That was the beginning of best friendship.  The 4 of us spent the rest of the day playing chess, hoola hooping in the grass, then closed the evening off with cooking some vegan Kobacha stew.  It was a day to remember.

That Summer (of 2011) we decided to create our own “commune type” community.  To us that meant that we had a potluck once or twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after work and we would take turns cooking up a main dish.  I was still vegan at the time and people were very accommodating.  Our get togethers started to include more and more of the people at the apartment and a bunch of Evergreen students.  Even Tamen (who existed almost solely off of Amy’s bean burritos and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream) brought me some vegan ice cream when it was his day to cook.

From left to right: Tamen, Monty Kately Dae, and the jerk I was taking the pic and I wish I would have kept more from that summer.

We continued our weekly get togethers through the summer and the jerk and I did not last.  I actually felt so liberated when I decided to walk away.  I gave him a ride to the airport then said that I could not handle his negativity anymore.  On my way home I stopped at Tamen and Monty’s apartment and asked Monty to give the jerk the box with his stuff which consisted of a water bottle, an apple, and an orange.  To my delight, Tamen had adopted a kitten named Ava, but Monty was the one actually caring for her and raising her.

I got to visit Ava once the next spring after Monty moved away.

After that, I didn’t see Tamen, Monty, or the jerk for several months.

Then the first weekend in December happened…  I was coaching at a swim meet all weekend long.  On the last day of the meet I stayed even later to cheer my sister on.  On my way to my car I saw Tamen walking towards the rec center.  He said that he was meeting Monty there for a workout.  I decided to turn around and join them.  The rec center was actually closed, but I was able to get the guys up there by walking through the swim meet.  After the workout we decided to go for a run.

We started running around the rec center on campus.  As we jogged Tamen created elaborate plans to run every single day around the lake.  I talked about how I wanted to train for a longer running event and he suggested that the 3 of us train together and meet for runs.  Then all of a sudden (after just one loop around the building) Tamen declared that he was exhausted and done.  That was short lived…  Lol.

We made plans to meet for a run at 1 at the lake.  

I showed up 10 minutes early and Monty arrived around the same time on his bike.  I asked where Tamen was and he said that Tamen ditched because he was so sore from the day before.  That became our thing.  We met for a run at 1 around the lake Monday through Thursday.

It was a magical time and it happened when I was just minding my own business.  The story goes on and on, but I wanted to share this snapshot of time with you because it later lead to me creating this blog a year later in December.  Magic happens when you are pursuing your goals and interests.  Sometimes people are in our lives for only a snapshot of time and it is a blessing when it happens.

To be Continued (someday when inspiration strikes once again.)

❤ Alana

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