Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project 2.0 Week #50


Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I have noticed that each week has a different pace and theme.  This week was about self-discovery.  I stayed closer to home and spent more time journaling and a lot of time reading.  I just realized that I have read 15 books since September.  That may not seem like very much to some of you avid readers out there, but for me that is a lot.

I love how much more open to learning my mind is now that it is not required for school or work.  Isn’t it funny how that works?  I make it a point to read something fiction and something non-fiction and I do my best to stick with just 2 books at a time.  I am thankful for this past time that allows and even encourages me to be the introvert that I am.

My workouts have been going really well.  I am just about to wrap up week #7/8 in this current workout program.  I think that this week is intentionally less intense.  Either that or I am getting a lot stronger and have a lot more stamina.  The workouts have been later in the day because my schedule has been weird, but I have not skipped any workouts except just one that happened on a Friday and I did something else in its place.

We went on a couple of mini adventures this week and finally got a cordless weed whacker.  This thing really is a game changer.  I have also been spending more time in the garden and getting fresh air and enjoying the sunshine (IN DECEMBER!) has been so good for my soul.

20191216_151056 (1)
This is right in my neighborhood ❤
20191211_141412 (1)
I love my driveway
My banana tree Appelonia is growing!

Before I forget, here are my posts from this week.  Enjoy:

I am happy with the amount of time I spent writing and blogging this week.  This blog has really done wonders for me as far as helping me stay accountable with my workouts.  I am thinking of doing more personal posts this upcoming week since it will be my blogiversary and the new decade is quickly approaching so stay tuned and visit me again soon.

I mentioned earlier that we got a weed whacker and it has been a nice addition to our toolset.  We also went to a local cafe called Vibe Hawaii it is the local vegetarian restaurant.  If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend this place!

The coffee
Love the vibes in this place ❤
I chose the medicinal mocha

Additionally, we have been adopted by another stray cat that we are feeding and calling Dragoon and I have been adopted by two sets of chicks.

I call them the oreo chicks
These littles are adorable

I swear, this island gives me everything that I have ever wanted.  We have been trying to find a piece of cardio equipment to add to the home gym.  Things can be scarce especially on this side of the island and a lot of places do not ship to my home address.  Also, we do not have a sports equipment store on the island anymore.  I was so surprised when I found this on the Facebook Marketplace!  The last thing I expected to find was something that I have always wanted!!!

I am a proud owner of an Air-dyne bike!

I have always wanted an air-dyne bike, but they are heavy and expensive.  I contacted the seller immediately when I saw this one.  She was asking for $50 which is a great deal.  When we went to pick it up we quickly discovered that it would not fit into my car so she offered to deliver it the next day and she took my offer of $40.  Additionally, she gave us 2 dozen oranges from her friend’s orchard (the best oranges I have ever tasted in my life…especially after getting lit with the neighbors.  Lol) and a coffee plant.

My neighbor / renter Cassie and I enjoying the most delicious oranges EVER!

I almost forgot to mention that earlier in the day the neighbors 2 kids and their 2 friends came flooding into my house to play with the kitties.  Right before they left the girls gave me these beautiful flowers from the garden.  They were so sweet and called me Auntie (that’s what they call older people on the island regardless of whether or not you are related out of respect) I was touched by their thoughtfulness.


“Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.”

-Dee Hock

  • Plan ahead and prepare.
  • Set Goals.
  • Dream BIG.
  • Sleep at night.
  • Get an early start.
  • Let go of everything that doesn’t bring you Joy.
  • Photography.

I have been keeping these goals close to my heart.  My sleep schedule is slowly, but surely getting back on track.  I have been feeling a little nostalgic lately just remembering where I was a year ago…  I had just finished a quarter of on campus classes at my university.  My partner and I had been apart for 10 weeks and I was getting ready to go back, but he was dealing with a lot of stress back in Maine.  He broke up with me for a week and I was ready to walk away without looking back.  There really was nothing wrong.  I didn’t do anything wrong and he knew it.  During the week we were broken up, the obituary specialist at our local newspaper said that he liked me.  I met him for a walk then the next day he invited me to sushi with his dad and brother then wine with his mother.  He was a very nice guy and we did have a friendship and good connection.  The next day he hung out with my sister and her boyfriend and I then on Sunday his family invited me to their house for family dinner.  I met him in the afternoons for a power walk during his lunch hour the next week.   My partner had flown in to try and win me back 3 days after we broke up.  I wasn’t going to go back and didn’t see him for an entire week, but then we both realized that we wanted to choose to be together again.

I honestly felt awful to have to cut things short with the other guy.  Don’t worry, my partner knows that I went on a few dates with this person while we were broken up and he doesn’t hold it against me.  This guy didn’t do anything wrong and if I was more available at the time maybe we would have become more.  We worked on a school project together and we had become good friends.  At the same time, it seemed like a little too much too soon for me.   He presented me to his family after just telling me that he liked me just two days before.  I do admire him for his bravery and hope he finds what he is looking for.

So yeah, that got me in my feels this week remembering those memories.  I hope you all don’t look down on me for it.  Life has little twists and turns like that and it sure makes things interesting.  In the end my partner and I chose each other and it was so nice because sometimes when you are with someone for a long time you can lose sight of things and take each other for granted.  In choosing each other we were renewing our commitment and getting through all of this has brought us even closer together.  It blows my mind sometimes to think of how different my life would have been if we had chosen to go our separate ways.  I would have been fine, but I know I made the right decision.  Every now and then it still tugs at my heart to know that I might have hurt someone.

Thank you for listening I know I went on and on with this one.  Just trying to be real, my friends ❤

Here is my weekly Be-YOU-tiful pic ❤

How was your week?  Do you have fun plans for Christmas?  Please comment below to share!  Love you and thank you for stopping by!

❤ Alana

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