Just about skipped Friday and took a rest day…

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My Friday went like this:

I woke up at some point in the afternoon and my partner asked if I wanted to get brunch at our favorite brunch spot.   We soon realized it was too late and the kitchen was closed so we started driving North for an adventure, but my partner and I were both still sleepy so we slid through the Panda Express drive thru for some orange chicken and veggies then headed home for a nap.

After nap time it was already close to 7 pm…  I thought about doing my workout then realized that I didn’t have the energy to push through.  So I called it a rest day.

Around 9 pm we headed into town for some Mexican food then after relaxing with a warm mug of hot chocolate and a book we headed to bed.  No netflix and chilling just straight up zzzzz-ing.

I decided that I would move yesterday’s workout to today and I have to say it was so nice to take the day off.  I think that is the first time I have ever done that without feeling sick or depressed.  Here’s to taking more time to rest.

❤ Alana

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