Hardest Home Workout of the Year Workout & Word #136

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This workout was supposed to be completed on Friday, but that ended up being my rest day so I shifted it to Saturday.  It wasn’t so much the exercises that made this workout so hard, but the duration.  The only other time that I have missed a workout throughout this 8 week program was when I started one of these “1000 calorie burner workouts” and stopped after 45 minutes.

This is a 94 minute hiit and bodyweight workout (no equipment necessary.)  It can come in handy if you are traveling and have the time to spare.  I think for me the biggest challenge was mental.  I took the time to mentally prepare myself and I made sure that I had proper rest and nutrition beforehand.

Workout of the Day: 1000 Calorie Workout

That wasn’t so bad, was it?  Afterwards, I felt really accomplished and happy that I made it through the entire workout.  Isn’t it funny how that works?  A Zumba class is always 50 minutes to an hour long and I never bat an eyelash.  On some days they even have class specials that make the classes 90 minutes long and I love those classes.  But working out at home alone is different.  I think it takes a level of discipline to start a workout and stick with it especially if you have distractions at home.

Just remember that your workout time is your you time and you are worth every single minute of it!

Word of the Day:

indomitable– adjective

  1. That cannot be subdued or overcome, as persons, will, or courage; unconquerable.

I felt like an indomitable warrior throughout this workout!  I hope you will have a Merry Christmas Eve Eve, my dear darling friends!

❤ Alana

9 thoughts on “Hardest Home Workout of the Year Workout & Word #136

    1. Great job on getting those steps in, Susie! I like to think of the rain as being cleansing 🙂 Great job on your upper body workout too! I am going to do a lower body workout + hiit this evening. ❤

  1. You are so right that workouts at home are different from classes (as we have chatted about before)
    And whew – this one you did sounds tough! The word of the day reminds me of a snowman

    1. Yes, it could be the exact class or format and if you do the same thing at home it isn’t quite the same sometimes, but it is thankfully possible to still get a good workout in.
      I have noticed that I really shy away from doing dance workouts and Zumba at home. I think because there is not the same amount of energy when it is just me. This is probably why I have never taught an entire class on my own. Through the years I have been certified as a Zumba, Mixxedfit, and Commit instructor, but I haven’t followed through with teaching because learning choreo is time consuming. Also, most of these dance fitness platforms want a monthly recurring membership fee and it adds up. Too expensive since I am not actively teaching.
      Strength training, yoga, and hiit is great at home 🙂
      And yes, that words reminds me of that snowman too 🙂

      1. My hubs has a few friends who only workout at home … and they are all so different in what they do — and then his health coach friends – well I believe they also workout as lifestyle –
        And use things like one kettle bell for an amazing workout (Ste from Peak Primal Health has amazing kettle bell workout ideas) and these health coaches also do micro workouts and have sprint days – goes back to primal roots and is all about working smarter not harder – lees time working out too!
        Like my hubs used to be at the gym a long time – 70 minutes of cardio – and this and that- but nkt getting results he wanted – he changed what he did (less cardio and more of the micro workouts and smarter things) and changed his eating to get off all the carbs (which are needed for all the cardio ) anyhow – he was frustrated for a little while because it did not make sense – all that time at the gym and not results —
        And then he finally got results and if (big if) he goes to the gym – he is in and out in less than an hour.
        All that to say that “purists” don’t need a gym membership –
        And with Zumba – I can see what you mean exactly – but for yoga – in my experience there are some flow classes that could never happen at home – they have he energy you mention with Zumba – but it depends on he teacher – he music they choose and how good they are at leading a class – I left a class early last week because the teacher is not my preference – I was annoyed because they had a different name on the schedule – and I stayed for 75% but left because she was too heavy on the wrists (and I have just had so many teachers – like you have – where I get spoiled by the ones that rock it ) and so I stayed and gave her another try but not for me –

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