I took 2 days off…


Today I completed my 8 week workout program!  First, I should probably rewind to 2 days ago on Christmas.  I planned on doing the scheduled workout and then I never got around to it so I decided to rest.  Then yesterday, I had an emotionally foggy day (we were crazy enough to make a Target run the day after Christmas and it was an absolute madhouse) so I decided to rest a second day.

Luckily, this week was meant to be very low impact since I was preparing for the final physical test to measure my progress.  Missing my workout yesterday honestly bothered me, but I decided it was necessary since I was in a sad (no particular cause… today I found out that it was hormones) head space.

I decided to allow myself those 2 extra rest days without looking back.  Rather than extending my program for 2 more days.  This is different from what I would usually do because I have a tendency to put a lot of pressure on myself.

Today I felt pretty unmotivated, but I was able to get myself to do my fitness test and I am pleased with my results (I will post about it soon)!  Now I will rest and start a new 90 day program this upcoming Sunday!  Please join me and follow along with my workout and word of the day posts!  I try to find workout programs that have free videos on youtube.  I specifically find the free videos so that anyone can do them in the comfort of their home.  I am not big on using or pushing supplements (that often work in conjunction with some of the popular home workout plans.)

How are you doing?  Are you setting goals for 2020?  Please comment below to tell me about them because I would love to cheer you on! I am still perusing different books and trying to figure out what kind of plan I would like to follow for my nutrition.  Do you have any suggestions?  Comment below!  I am definitely feeling pretty set on doing intermittent fast (8 hr window/ 16 hour fast.)

Hope you are doing well!

❤ Alana

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