When you roll with the pigs expect to get dirty

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I kind of just need to vent right now…

Yesterday ended up being a rest day.  Usually I like to kick the year off powerfully with a dip in the ocean and a hearty workout, but yesterday ended up being much heavier than I expected.  My partner and I went to the beach park on our road and pulled into a parking spot.  It was not busy and there were lots of other spots, but a guy in a vehicle behind us rolled down his window and my partner politely said, “I’m sorry did I take your spot?”  The guy was super rude and very bent out of shape about it so we drove to another parking spot on the other side of the road.  When we got out of our vehicle, “the guy snarkily said, “you could have just pulled up 6 inches.”  Then my partner said that he honestly didn’t know that they were waiting and thought it was a parked vehicle then he added something a little comical.  The guy also had a woman with him and they both acted super offended and irrational (not that it makes much of a difference, but both the man and woman were white and my partner is white.) We walked down to the ocean then decided to head back because those people still hadn’t left their vehicle.


As we headed back to our vehicle, the guy blurted out something about how we must have gotten bored.  Then he told my partner to fuck himself and so did the woman.  It was just such odd behavior.  He started yelling insults calling my partner big and ugly  and my partner said, “If you want to fight right now we can, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  I want to see you win so we are just going to leave now.”  The guy said that he didn’t know where this all came from and I just said, “you were both so rude and it was unnecessary.”  From there we headed home and I felt sad knowing that there are people who think it is okay to act that way.

My partner and I talked about it and I thought he handled it really well.  These folks appeared to be unhappy.  They guy was shirtless with his belly and pubes hanging out of his genes (oops, I meant jeans, but it is kind of funny spelled like that) and he was smoking what looked like a 2nd hand cigarette. I didn’t even get to see what the woman looked like, but that is the first time I have encountered people like that.  It is so weird that someone would let something as silly as a free parking space get under their skin like that.  It felt like they were bullying us and we were polite the entire time.

I hated that they threw that much shade and the heaviness stayed with me throughout the day.  It was New Year’s Day of all days.  Didn’t they want to be better than they were last year?  I guess if their goal was to be bigger jerks then they were off to a great start.

“When you roll with pigs expect to get dirty.”

I am glad that we were able to disengage and not get involved, but I felt bummed that it happened at all.  I guess that is just life sometimes.  Thankfully the heaviness has been lifted and today is a brand new day.  I am glad that I do not have to interact with people like that on a daily basis.  It is sad that people come to a place as beautiful as this place and are still miserable.  Hopefully they will treat other people better than that.

On Christmas eve we shared a taquito with this pig.  

Sometimes it is more pleasant to interact with animals than people.

Have you ever encountered people like that?  How would you have handled the situation?  Please comment below to share!

Thanks for listening or reading my vent session.  I guess folks like that keep you on your toes and that can be a blessing too!

Here’s to the lighter and brighter days ahead!

❤ Alana

6 thoughts on “When you roll with the pigs expect to get dirty

    1. Sorry if that sounded silly! I guess I just don’t see “race” all the time like some folks do and you seem in my category – and I sometimes hat when folks say I am not “mixed”
      Because I am a hodgepodge if a few races!

  1. Oh you are just fine 🙂 I meant to respond sooner, but yesterday was a little hectic. I am a pacific islander my mom grew up in Hawaii and is Filipino and my Dad is from Guam. It is a melting pot here. I just noticed that other white people don’t really pick on my partner since he is white so that situation really caught me off guard. It was nice to write about it and get it off of my chest 🙂

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