Workout and Word of the Day #1

Hello and Welcome!

Today I had the pleasure of hitting the reset button and beginning at the beginning…  Workout number 1!  Last year I recorded 139 workouts on my blog (if I get ambitious, I might post some stats like how many workouts I did each month.)  I did a lot more, but these were the ones that I took the time to write about.  This year I would like to beat my number from last year.

I usually like to do a New Year Swim in the ocean and a nice uplifting workout to kick off the New Year, but yesterday was heavy...  It was also a planned rest day so I took a rest.  I also wanted to post my Year long Happiness Project and that took a long time to create and post, but I am glad that I finally put it live.  By the end of the day I was too tired to practice yoga so I went to bed.  I am learning that it is okay and good to rest.

I am in the process of breaking up with refined sugar and am dealing with the yucky headaches that go along with the break up.  Thankfully, I felt much better after lunch and drinking water.

Workout of the Day: Total Body Strength Training

This was a fun and challenging workout.  I enjoyed the variety and how inspiring this couple is.  I hope you will enjoy it too!

Word of the Day:

metallurgy– noun

  1. The technique or science of working or heating metals to give them certain desired shapes or properties.
  2. The technique or science of making and compounding alloys.
  3. The technique or science of separating metals from their ores.

Can you tell that I am reading a book about materials science?  It turns out that learning is much more fun when you don’t have to do it for work or school.  Thank you for joining me for this very first workout and word of the day for the year 2020.  I hope to see you here often!

❤ Alana

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