Workout and Word of the Day #3

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I hope you had a great weekend!  I spent this weekend working and it was nice.  We also made it a point to go on walks throughout the day.  I want to go for a swim at the beach, but the wave levels have been so high lately so I think it is important to err on the side of caution.  I am enjoying my new workout split which has rest days on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Wow, almost every sentence in this paragraph started with an “I” except this one.  I am going to have to work on that.

Today’s Workout is: 30 Minute Hiit Tabata Workout

This workout really kicked my butt, I mean, it had jumping sumo squat deadlifts!  I enjoyed the challenge and appreciated the variety of moves.  I think that this program was a great next step for me because these workouts are definitely more intense than a lot of the workouts in my 8 week program.  I also started getting tired of the fact that the last program I did had so many repeat workouts.

Word of the Day:

chromophore– noun

  1. Any chemical group, as the azo group, that produces color in a compound and unites with certain other groups to form dyes.

It is raining so hard outside and I really enjoy it.  This is definitely the rainy season, but I love the fact that it just does not dip below 78 degrees Fahrenheit.  That is pretty great especially for the month of January in the middle of winter.

I still have not managed to practice yoga this year, but I have started doing my #100daysofcode challenge. I have committed to coding for at least one hour a day for 100 days.  I had to repeat day one because I missed a day.

Thank you for joining me for another workout and word of the day!  I will see you tomorrow!

❤ Alana

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