2020 Happiness Project Week #2

Blue and Gold New Year Social Media Post

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This week was a lot more lighthearted and more fun than last week!  I have been obsessed with the wild chickens (I call them the Oreos because they are black and white) who appeared on Christmas Eve and have adopted us ever since.  The first time I saw them they were eating the cat food that we put out for the grey stray cat that we call Dragoon.  We started getting them chicken feed and now they follow us around, sleep outside of our bedroom window and always appear out of thin air whenever we are outside.

It’s the Oreos!
Napping outside of my window
walking up the steps to say “Squack!”

I was very focused on work and my studies for most of the week.  I decided that I desperately need a creative outlet and thought that drawing would be a good way to dip my toes in.  We went Benjamin Franklin’s in Hilo to acquire some art supplies.  I honestly did not even know that this store still existed.  It brought back childhood memories.  We used to have a Benjamin Franklin’s when I was 5 and then it got replaced by Jo-Ann’s Fabrics.  I wanted to pick up some vine charcoal, kneaded erasers, and conte to play around with mediums I have never used before.  I was a little bummed later in the week when I discovered that I accidentally got charcoal pastels instead of the vine charcoal.  Oh well, next time.

Gotta love art supplies 🎨

So far I have only done 2 drawings and I quickly discovered that charcoal pastels are SUPER messy.  It’s okay.  Lesson learned 🙂

Here are my posts from this week before I forget:

I am glad that I still managed to write some blog posts even though I feel like I have been very absent this week.  I got to cat sit for our renters who live in our backhouse and that was a lot of fun for me.  They have 3 cats: Pear, Grey Fox, and Cow.  Pear and Grey Fox were super friendly, but Cow never came up to us and it wasn’t until Day #3 that I finally discovered his hiding places and could see him glaring at me from a distance.

Cat-sitting for the neighbors gave me a nice excuse to spend more time around the backhouse area.  It really is quite beautiful and there are gorgeous views every where you look.  Someday we may move to the backhouse and remodel the inside more.  My boyfriend actually wanted us to live in the backhouse when we first moved here, but a past renter (from the previous owner) still had his stuff in there and it took him forever to move out.  I also was leaning towards the front house since it has a bedroom and a fully enclosed lanai in the back.  I also like the fact that I can see who is coming and going from the window.  Not to mention, having two rooms has come in handy for company we have had and for the cats too.

After having 2 overnight guests at different times( Calder in September and my sister for a few days in November) while, it is not impossible for a guest to stay in the space, it is a decently sized room; it is not ideal for more than 2 people because there is just one bathroom and 4 cats.  That is another reason why we are working on building a guest cabin so that we can have some nice accommodations for family and friends to visit us.


“You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.”

-Zig Ziglar

  • Create a morning routine and an evening ritual.  I am pleased with my morning ritual and I honestly really enjoyed having the chore of feeding the neighbor’s cats 1st thing in the morning.  I think I am going to start doing more morning chores.
  • Write daily morning pages.  Yes, although this week it felt difficult for me to crank out all 3 pages each day.  It felt like it took me forever.  I think for my next journal I will choose a smaller book (#lifehacks101)
  • Break up with refined sugar.  I am doing a decent job with this.  Of course there is always room for improvement.
  • #100daysofcode I am currently on Day #9 so this is a little better although I have not coded the past two days, but that is A Okay!
  • Follow a workout program. Yes, but I was very stressed and critical of myself so I allowed myself to be a little more flexible with shifting around my cardio and rest days.

I think that the highlight of the week was getting an Instant Pot!  I have been wanting one for a long time now and I did not even know that a combination Instant Pot and Air Fryer even existed!  We decided not to do Christmas gifts this year, but this totally felt like a Christmas gift!

I finally got one!

A major reason why I wanted an Instant Pot is because I want to start making my own bone broth.  I am actually planning on doing Dr. Kellyann’s 21 Day Bone Broth Plan starting tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Have you ever tried Oxtail Stew before?  It was my Grandma Alice’s specialties and is honestly one of my all-time favorites.  I know that it may sound gnarly, but if you are ever feeling adventurous and want to eat something delicious, tasty, and rich; I will share my recipe with you ❤

I went into town on my own for the first time since early November.  I know that sounds like a long time, but I did not want to drive until we got our tires replaced.  It has also been super rainy lately and I enjoy running errands with my partner.  I used to run a lot of the errands on my own or he would run them since we were always either working or at school.  It has been so nice to spend time together now that we are both running businesses from home ❤

Yesterday I made my very first batch of chicken bone broth and I understand why they call it “liquid gold.”

Lots of veggies, meat, and bones
then you strain it
and put it into cups and containers
liquid gold!

Overall, this was an enjoyable week and I am so glad that I have decided to be more flexible and less uptight.

Love and Aloha ❤

How was your week?  Please comment below.  I would love to catch up!

❤ Alana

14 thoughts on “2020 Happiness Project Week #2

  1. Awww, the Oreos are so cute! You’re lucky that the cat food attracted them and also that the cat leaves the Oreos alone. I love cats and chicken.

    I’m so glad that you had a great week! The food you made looks delicious too.

    1. Thank you! Although today we had an incident where we let our indoor cats have some outside time and our Grey kitten Meowloree chased one of the chickens so I hope they will come back after that.

      Thank you! It has been fun to spend more time in the kitchen. I am trying Dr. Kellyanne’s 21 Day Bone Broth nutrition plan that involves cutting sugar and flour (finally) eating cleanly, and having bone broth on a consistent basis. Today was Day #1 wish me luck!

      I hope you will have a wonderful week too!

      ❤ Alana

  2. Congrats on the instant and omg – the air fryer combo!!
    Side note – the air fryer is my favorite appliance – and well – go girl!
    The oxtail soup looks amazing and I look forward to following up on your 21 day bone broth experiment –
    Alana – it does feel like Christmas – haha
    And love the Oreos! How nice to have new friends (and I am not sure but do make sure they don’t carry mites and fleas etc)

    1. Thank you! I still have yet to try out the airfryer, but I have been using the instant pot almost everyday. I am going to make another batch of bone broth this afternoon.

      I like how you called in a “21-day experiment” because that is exactly what it is. I am trying to figure out what works well. I am glad you brought up the fleas and mites. I will look into that and am glad that we keep our pets consistently treated. Hope you are doing well.

      ❤ Alana

      1. I was more thinking of the humans with the little critters. A problem we have in our culture is that we think nematodes and bugs only go for pets. But humans are a big target – especially if the bioterrain is off balance and the critters find a place to thrive.

        and so for you and your partner’s sake be careful.

        and side note – I am reading a great book called “Grain Brain”
        we have had it a while and I skimmed it way back – but just recently got to dive in and Alana – I think you will LOVE it.
        see if your library has it – I think it was NY Times best seller.

        lastly, thought of you when I did home yoga this weekend.
        you have inspired me to do it more (I think you know that) and I was fighting off a cold all week and just did not want to drive anywhere this weekend.
        a bit of Home “gentle yoga” happened – woo hoo –
        ((baby stapes)

      2. Thank you. Yes, we will be more careful about the animals around us especially living in a more rural area. Thank you for bringing it up.

        I will look up “Grain Brain” today. I am always looking for good books to read and educate myself with.

        Great job on practicing some yoga at home. I hope you have recovered from your cold. I had gotten out of the practice for a little while and just picked it up again this week and it is wonderful to practice in the comfort of home. Yes, baby steps count!

      3. Well I am feeling better – still not at all 100% – blah
        — and wanted to take a regular yoga class this weekend but that was not happening – rest rest rest!.
        So I just did some “lying on the back stretching” with my strap.
        A long time ago I heard a lady suggest that if you can do nothing else in a day- do simple leg stretches – she did them from her hospital bed. And the legs can also help the core – depending on what we do.

        So I did some hamstring stretches while lying flat and – I have a mini routine with a five minute version and a 15 minute version that allows the hamstrings to lengthen – wakes up the ankles – sometimes I add the hips stretch in (on longer version) and it really feels so great –
        And keep me posted if you access the book.
        I just shared three snippets in a post today – and hope your weekend is going awesome

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