I’m Overwhelmed! To-Do-List

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Yes, I’ve said it, “I’m Overwhelmed!” in a good way though.  Today is my Day #1/21 of Dr. Kellyann’s 21 Day Bone Broth Diet and so far things are going well.   Not to worry, I eat more than just bone broth during these 21 days.  I borrowed her book from the library and really appreciate how simple the guidelines are.  Simple, but not easy, but worth a shot, right?

After 2 weeks of lots of tropical rain it has been so nice to have blue sky and sunshine.  I have been soaking up the rays as much as possible and even let my cats explore the great outdoors for awhile.

The only thing that is keeping me from feeling 100% amazing is this feeling of being overwhelmed.  There are a lot of things that I should do (mostly household chores).  I also need to get my workout in because I missed the last two days (technically, I got my cardio in with a walk and mowing the lawn with a push mower, but I missed Friday’s upper body workout.)

I have been enjoying spending much more time in the kitchen and have been lost in a good book.  This week I realized that I cannot realistically be 100% all the time and I cannot expect to give all my effort to all the areas of my life.  For example, my clean laundry has piled up a little and needs to be put away (at least it is clean.)

My house is cleaner than ever and I love the fact that I have a daily habit of cleaning before snuggling up with my books.  It is important since I am doing a lot more cooking.  So, I am going to make myself a to-do list because that is what I do when I am feeling overwhelmed.  Here Goes!

I’m Overwhelmed!  To-Do-List:

  1. Get that workout in!
  2. Put away the clean laundry.
  3. At least 1 hour of coding.
  4. Plan tomorrow’s meals.
  5. Study Molecular Bio
  6. Clean the kitchen

There ya go!  I guess I have less things to do than I thought.  It’s Workout time!  What is on your to-do-list?

❤ Alana


8 thoughts on “I’m Overwhelmed! To-Do-List

  1. Wishing you a good week and be back on the weekend to check in with the bone broth idea…
    Sounds interesting – sending good thoughts your way for all you have on your list and more 😉

      1. 🙂
        it can….
        but there are times when folks “vent too much”
        and they have a habit of doing it for years – to where they get no results – they are just getting it off their chest and never can access problem solving mode – or they just have a bad habit of coping with venting.
        not saying that is you – because I do not sense that at all from you with the little interaction we have via blog – if anything – I see that you try to stay open to new ideas and you really are on this quest to know more and more about your wiring, your chaining needs, and all that layered stuff – so I am not saying you.
        But two years ago I worked part-time with someone who really had a chronic case of “VENTING too much”
        and it took a long time for her to even be open to the idea that she might be doing that (very defensive phase of life)
        anyhow, she has slowly grasped that venting verbally has been her go to for decades –
        she has moved into using a journal, some templates, and times of not venting — but just being so she can let things settle and change her “faucet flushing” release.
        She also reads self-help books and has to just watch her venting.

      2. Thank you. I definitely went through a period of time in my early twenties when I vented too much and was stuck in the loop. I agree sometimes that perpetuates the problem or enables it and insulates us from true problem solving.
        Spending some time in survival mode and lots of prayer helped get me out of that cycle.
        I am glad to hear that the person you worked with is making progress. It takes patience to walk alongside someone who is stumbling through their journey.
        I am thankful for our interactions. I finished a book last night “Mrs. Everything” which was well written and followed a family of women throughout their lifetime, but I did notice that the heaviness made me feel sad. You are right it is important to be careful about what we feed our minds and hearts.
        I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Always a joy to talk with you.

        ❤ Alana

      3. Hi again – thanks for sharing about the Mrs. everything – – and I noticed that some of us are more sensitive to certain things than others are. You know – but overall I guard my mental diet big ten-
        And yesterday my sis and I were just talking again about how fueled up we stay when we have the right input of speakers and teaching –
        She has a few motivational business speakers that she goes to when she needs the boost!
        I shared with her that Seth Godin did that to me last fall.
        I would grab my son’s books to read in the sauna and Seth can charge a person up with positivity and excitement.
        And you know Alana – I did not realize this at the time – but I had a commute in early 1990s and listened to chuck Swindon on mid drives – sometimes twice a day – and he fueled me with encouragement – wisdom and godliness.
        And dis you ever hear the saying that “faith comes by hearing”
        I think we need to hear encouragement daily like we need food and air!

        And one last tidbit – years ago – if I had a heavy topic to bring up to my husband – this was when we were still getting settled and things were coming up here and there – well it helped if I journaled first! Oh my goodness –
        I would write about five pages (super easy for me and I think You as well – because we are writers – right) but journaling before hand helped me vent the stray stuff and really allowed me to settle and see this or that – and out talks were more effective.
        And the lady I worked with (it was a as colleague and not in a therapeutic way – I would never share client storie)
        But she also had the habit of not realizing how much sleep she needs- this is stuff she shared here and there
        -‘ and I sometimes use her example when I work with students –
        But she just said that she came back from a beach weekend with an insight – worki full time and being a parent meant that her weekends might no longer have the adventure she was used to – her children at around 12 now and she has changed her routine to be rested more and to slow down –
        Sometimes we don’t realize some habits can be changed to serve us better

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